One Sexy Flag Joint For @mrspacely's Best Looking Joint Contest

2 years ago


Inspired by @mrspacely and his reply to roll him a sexy joint, I decided to roll him a flag. His contest is all about rolling that best looking joint. Come join it and compete with us in this fun contest [SMOKE Contest] Best Looking Joint

Preparation is key


Rollin' was a breeze


Burning the flag


Finished product with much less paper


Light Up!



First its mind blown creativity

mind blown.gif
But then I smoke more so I end up

Higher than my boy Jimmy here

giphy (1).gif
But at least I can still write a post about it and make some SMOKE!

Anyway, remember that....

lucky luke thumbnail bolji.png

So, Blaze it Smokies!

lucky luke thumbnail.png

Don't forget to use #luckyluke tag if you want to be curated by @luckyluke :D

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Best of all burning the flag! Good job mate!
Smoke up!

That's cool. Let's catch fun


Thanks bud!

High and Good luck @luckyluke


Heya @tecnosgirl, thanks!

It's always 4:20 somewhere.
I like that logo bro.
Nice joint you rolled.
Bet it felt good smoking that shit ;)