Join THE Blazin' MeMe Contest, earn SMOKE and help in Promoting with your MeMes

2 years ago

Blazin' Meme Contest

Yes, you've heard it right! Blazin' Meme Contest! Eeach week, you will have an opportunity to make a funny meme out of the given image in an attempt to win in the contest, earn some SMOKE and promote in the same time.

Promote? How?

  • Well, each contest image will have a watermark included and users who decide to enter the contest will be asked to share their Memes on their social media accounts.

  • Those who decide to help in spreading the word about SMOKE outside of SMOKE and the cryptospace will get extra points and increased chances of winning.

  • Aditional extra points can be earned by resmoking the contest post to increase exposure and upvoting it to increase the reward pool for the next contest.

  • Donating helps but no extra points will be granted for donations. Victory can't be bought!

Extra points will be used in deciding the winners. If I like two memes the same, the one who has more extra points will win.

NOTE: Blazin' Memes must be funny for people outside of the crypto space! They have to be funny to those who have no clue about crypto, the regular Joes. Generally funny, not just to crypto people. Because if your memes are crypto focused then, we lost all point in promoting them on other social media websites where around 70% of users still yet have no clue about the inside jokes you are trying to make.

First Blazin' MeMe Contest image is Good Ol' Elon attempting to toke for the first time but, failing miserably elon musk meme challenge.png

Memes are like free ads

If they are funny, chances are those who enjoy them, will want to find out about when they see the watermark. The conversion rates we are going to get on this when they see Smoke, Earn, Repeat are going to be crazy.

If you help me make this contest a thing. I can imagine us pulling in a great deal of SMOKErs from FBIbook, InstaGay, Twatter and all other worthless, centralized platforms and introduce them to SMOKE by sharing our Memes on there!


  • Unlimited amount of entries
  • Original memes only

Show me what you got!

  • Create a meme out of the given image and post it on using the #blazinmemecontest tag
  • Post on your social media, screencap it and post it in the comment section as proof
  • Upvote if you want to increase the reward pool for future contests
  • Resmoke this post

Winners will get

#1 place - 25 SMOKE
#2 place - 15 SMOKE
#3 place - 10 SMOKE

Aditionally, all winners will receive my UpSmoke.

Winners will be announced in a week

Until then, burry me in DANK Blazin' MeMes of Good Ol' Elon, and make it hard to decide a winner!

Cya in a week!

lucky luke thumbnail.png

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Here's my entry for the competition :) Capture.JPG

Link to the post -


Awesome! Gonna write up and post the next one today!

Hey Lucky, I'm not 'contesting', just wanted to make you a you go:


Hey Barge, why not?

hahahah thanks anyway :D

I'll donate another 50 SMOKE to the prizepool, if it's okay with you?


That's awesome, thanks! Send them in and I'll increase the prizepool for next weeks contest by 50 SMOKE.

My only fear is that the turnout wont be that great. Kinda dissapointed not to see any comments other than your, yet.

I'm new here so I might be doing something wrong. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the word out? People interested?

Any tip helps as I literlly just got here and feel a tad bit lost at times.


Hey Lucky, just jumping in to say that of the two posts I've seen of yours (the vid and this), you're doing great. There isn't really a 'wrong' if your intentions are 'right' IMO :) . Since you ask, here are a couple of things that may be useful if you haven't come across them yet:
A post about promoting smoke (yeah by me, but it's got general info that I think may be relevant if you wanna delve)

Regarding getting the word out lol, yes, that's something I'm thinking about too. Only 'tip' in this regard would be to not let yourself become discouraged! I'm pretty new here too btw.


Hey @barge, I came from STEEM background so I asked the friend that got me here about where I can check my stats so I know about but that post has a ton of great info I'll definitely find some good use for.

Thanks for the encouragement and no, I'll never get discouraged :D I just keep on pushing, no matter what.

Thanks for the stopping by and leaving a thoughtful coment dude!


I think a popular thing would be that the community gets to decide who wins, so instead of people competing for themself, they honour someone else. That's what community is about. You can't really do that with these kind of contest without having a bit of ego involved, if you know what I mean. Therefore, maybe a contest which is honouring the weeks best writer on Smoke decided by the community. That would be really popular I think :)


That's an interesting idea. I'll think about it and see what I figure out. But I want to make this meme contest a thing first. I get you on including the community in the decision proces, over time I'll ask users to be guest judges and include them in the contest that way.


No problem. Will transfer now :)

If only I have more smoke, I would donate some for the prizepool but since I don't, then I'll try to join this! This contest is so cool! More power @luckyluke!


Np, no need to. Just participating and resmoking helps enough :D

I'm is slowly but surely stacking up that SMOKE so that I can give more!

Power to the people!

Makes a meme contest.... Ends up being one of the posts with the most engagement I have seen on here lol.

Looks like @barge is winning haha!


hahahah well, what can you do. A new platform is new.

Wishing you the best of this contest,good luck and keep high Sir!