First impressions of after more than two weeks spent on this blockchain

2 years ago

Freaking awesome!

I'm not sure if it is because of how small and tight-knit the community is at this point, or becuse of the fact I'm for once, surrounded by like-minded, equally HIGH people, but on I really feel like home. Since my first post, I received a great deal of engagement, support, and positive affirmations from my fellow Smokies.

So far, I really enjoy it here and I'm thrilled to be a member of this thriving, crypto-cannabis community.


Like many of you

I came here after spending a lot of time on Steem. Being a fork of the Steemblockchain, Smoke resembles it in many parts yet, is completely different in others. Devs behind Smoke realized the problems Steem economy has and tried to solve it by tweaking the incentives with high curation rewards.

From what I saw and experienced

They have been very successful. The 50/50 split is doing wonders for the wealth distribution and appropreately rewarding deserving content creators. Unlike on Steem, where it is incredibly difficult to get upvoted by a high SP stakeholder, on Smoke this isn't a strange sight. On the contrary, it happens quite often. Consequently, there isn't much, if any abuse going on here, yet. That doesn't mean it never happens but, coming from Steem where its what most users try to game the system in some way, or another, I can tell you that the general culture of behaviour on here is much less negative than it is on Steem.

By receiving such high rewards for curating

The incentive to give is much greater than the one to abuse. Users have realized this and have accepted to UpSmoke their Smokies instead of themselves, which I find so fucking awesome, coming from Steem.

I don't want to go much into detail

About why I think can/will go very far in the future but I will tell you that crypto-cannabis is about to explode in the upcoming years. Smoke will lead the path of the High Times and will, in a couple of years, be in a much different place, price and community wise.

I'm thrilled to have the chance

To be a member of a loving, positive, caring, community. Also, coming from a country where the herb is illegal, it's still a little bit unbelieavable that I can actually earn money to get fucking BLAZED and write about it. For me, that's just out of this world. I would have never expeted that I will be able to do that, ever!

Thank you for that @stoner and everyone else working on making the leading crypto-cannabis social media platform!

Thank you for the opportunities you created for me, and everyone else using

I couldn't be more excited to be here.

Being one of the early adopters of a platform with such high potential is a great feeling. A once in a lifetime opportunity, I'm ready to take! That's why I'm powering up all the way. My goal is 100k SMOKE in a matter of one year!

Thank you once again to everyone who gave me such a warm welcome and really made me feel like a part of this community. Without you this whole experience would feel empty and dull. You are making fun and enjoyable!

I'm looking forward to more chillin' with my fellow Smokies!

Don't forget that...

So, Blaze it Smokies!

Cya around!

lucky luke thumbnail.png

Don't forget to use #luckyluke tag if you want to be curated by @luckyluke :D

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It's pretty neat, eh? Curating is pretty fun 👍


Pretty neat is an understatement to how good it is. Curating is a lot of fun and it's very rewarding to give instead of just milking your own cow like many Steemians do.


It is Very difficult to keep my Smoke Voting Power above 90% with so much great content here every day. I need to get to 50,000 Smoke Power. Is there anyway the sliding bar can be added sooner ? We could all spread our Curation votes a lot further. ....


Thanks... will check it out.

Nice one bro.
Yeah,indeed Smoke vibes are great.
I've been here for 3 days ana I love it.
But about what you said,in a couple of years it will be difficult to get a big upvote here too,as the users will increase,like Steemit.
Herb is illegal in my country too bro,so I guess we feel the same thing about blazin and earning.

Much love and keep smoking.


That's a sad/frustrating situation with weed beeing illegal.

As for less votes from whales when more people come. True but, if you get established now some whales won't forget about you :D

Thanks for the good vibes bro!

I’m with you. It’s been a great platform for us to share our Cannabis experience. The Future is very bright for ... I have very High hopes.


Exactly! No expectations are too High for smoke :D

I feel the same way. I am loving smoke am powering up every time I can!


Yep. The more we can get now, the better. Sooon, it might not be so easy to earn Smoke if/when the price goes up..

Though, no much impression yet, cos i haven't seen a neutral post with no weeds inside making any buck, but i hope that's just me not navigating wide enough yet.


Neutral posts really don't get much attention here. I heard they even get flagged for not beeing weed oriented.

Also, I like this reword system 50/50. Almost all users of the platform have an account at steemit. :)


Yep, the curation is amazing. Yea, I recognized a lot of Smokies from Steem :D

The amount of support that we get from each other is nothing alike that on steemit and it cannot be compared.
It is wonderful to see how people can connect with such a positive vibe and understatement.


Agreed, on Steem the incentive is to milk your own cow while on Smoke it is to help others mil their own who will later on do the same for you :D

That's one of the reasons I love this place.

And the others are the good vibes and all of the like-minded people that are here.


It is always rewarding and fulfilling to be accepted in a tribe and collective where you think you belong.

Smoke on brother! Doing a great job here doing what you like and do! Keep ut the good work!


Thanks buddy!

Very nice

Very nice bro. Very well explained the difference between steem and smoke.


Thanks buddy! Why do you upsmoke your comments when it's 10x better to upsmoke someone else?

Smoke can be a rly stable project, cause of this platform :) Good post!

The best part of smoke is the like minded smokers!

Nice to have you here! Keep up the good work!

its such amazing post and everything is unique