Short History Of Cannabis / EP. 02 / From Muslim Civilization To The New World

2 years ago

In my previous post / Old times - From China to Romania / I wrote about the most Important Events of this plant in old time and in this post, I will try to highligt some facts about the history of cannabis, From Muslim Civilization To The New World.

Muslim civilization - The continuation of the medical tradition of cannabis

  • The end of antiquity assumed a relatively poor period of historical springs in the European Space. Archaeological discoveries only record the existence of hemp fiber clothing in Scandinavian Space.

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  • The Islamic World, on the other hand, has witnessed a period of cultural and scientific economic blossoming. Muslim Physicians have widely used this plant between the 8th and 18th centuries for its antiepileptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

New World - The potential of the cannabis plant

  • Isolation of Americans from the Old World of Europe, Asia & Africa has allowed each of these parts of the globe to develop its own flora and fauna, many species of animals and plants characteristic of the Americas being unknown to Europeans until their first voyages across the Atlantic.

  • This phenomenon also occurred vice versa, with cannabis being brought to the New World shortly after its discovery. The vastness of the found land allowed colonists to cultivate on a large scale tobacco, cotton, and hemp, recently brought from the European Continent.

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  • Ever since the founding of the first English colonies in Virginia, King James I decreed in 1619 that each colonist is forced to grow 100 cannabis plants exclusively for export. Until the middle of the nineteenth century, hemp grown was used in the manufacture of textile materials and rope.

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