DIY , video tutorial, how to make your own Tshirt Design at Home, simple and cheap , to promote (42)

2 years ago

hi smoke people, good evening

today i have a DIY tutorial, if you would like to design your own Tshirt with Logo at home , simple and cheap

borrow your Grandmother's socks and make your cool Tshirt , :D


watch the video
its hand made printing method with acrylic colors .
it's Fun to have my own smoke Tshirt , i love it , also i have the Dtube logo infront and smoke logo behind my shirt ,

i hope you enjoy watching the video . you are wonderful .

the video length is 3:03
tap on the thumbnail to watch the video 👇:)

i also upload it in Dtube, i'll appreciate your support in dtube as well , 👉 :)!/v/li-art/aynyi9j



see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, i make digital art exclusive

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You are awesome girl! I don’t have this painting skills and so it definitely doesn’t look simple for me 😂 If I try to do , you may only see smoke on the t shirt as the paint would be all over it and may look like smoke , lol .

Very good effort though. Loving every video of yours! Keep going girl!❤️

With 💕,


hahah😂 @bgw thank you so much , i think you could do it very well 💕:D

Awesome.... also liked on Youtube. Commented with Link to


thanks a lot @offgrid

This is amazing, you keep blowing me off. Nice video dear.


thank you so much dear @jessica <3

Very nice!
I enjoyed watching you make it. I think I learned what a miskit is.


thank you @tress , yes some watercolor artists use it to cover the paper and then they paint it, at the end they remove the miskit and little white parts appear , its a trick in watercolor technique

Can i just ask if that is you in your profile photo?


no @skylinebuds , but similar to me my mom thought it's me ,


Can i aks were ypu got the photo?


why ? i don't remember

great art, I want to have it on my shirt too :)


thank you , you can make 1 :)

Thanks for sharing your talent miss beautiful.


thank you

Great work done


thank you very much @jay11884

Hi! beutifull creation. I'm going to make 1 in a few days.

are u in a discord channel?

This is superb, a hard task before is now made very simple.