Tonight's Nug - Orange Haze Review

2 years ago

It's Stoned Time!

Trying out some Orange Haze tonight.

I can get my hands on stuff like that if I get lucky!


  • 65/35 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid.

  • THC levels up to 20%.

  • Induces uplifting cerebral euphoria.

  • May cause excessive hunger.

  • Had me writing lyrics and drawing stuff on my notebook.

  • Smoke tastes delicious.

You should smoke some Orange Haze if you get the chance!

Let me know your thoughts if you have tasted OH.

Stay High and See you Around

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Never tasted it, but i have to get my hands on it 💚

👉 You won my upvote 👈

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Thanks for the support and the useful info! I will be using your tag #cannabiscuration from now on. I followed you to stay informed! Have a good day :)

Nice little bud there budman, how did it smoke, knocked you on your arse I hope. Bong on bro. :-)


Hehehehehe!! Ya man it was lethal. Lol. Wish I could share some with you! Have a good day and bong on bro!