StonerTalk #11: No Tobacco In My Joint

2 years ago

Hello Smokers

Just no!

No way I am ever going to do that!

I don't want this shit in my joints.

And neither should you.

I only want green.



Why would I use any tobacco in the first place?

It sucks and smells like shit compared to the Ganja.

It is also full of harmful chemicals and shit.

Matter of fact I should never smoke tobacco ever again.

And neither should you.

But hey, tobacco is legal where I live. The government allows me to smoke that cancer shit and die.

But don't you ever smoke weed here!

We don't want you inhaling that mind opening shit. It's the law.


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Makes sense, Granny!

So, Rule number 1:

Never use any tobacco when rolling your joints.

Rule number 2:

Never talk or listen to the Po-Po!

Rule number 3:

Stay away from tobacco in general!

Rule number 4:

Blaze that shit!



It's 4:20!


We can always pretend!

Let your imagination go wild.

Lighting a fatty might help with that.

And stay stoked!

Or take one toke.

And let me know how you prefer to roll your joints! Tobacco or no tobacco?

Meaningful comments get 100% VP upvotes!

Stay High and See you Around!

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I'm used to using tobacco in my joints...
Your post inspires to stop this))