Witness HotBox Shared File Size Update

2 years ago


The shared-file-size in config.ini needs update to at least 8G. If you are using the Hotbox docker I created you still need to update manually since this update is only reflected in the file that we copied from during setup.

If you are looking to start a new witness the original Smoke witness video how-to is still accurate and you do not have to worry about making any changes outside of what we cover in the video.

Updating Your Config.ini

  1. Enter the hotbox with ./enterHotbox.sh
  2. Create a new tmux window by pressing ctrl+b then c
  3. cd smoke
  4. cd witness_node_data_dir
  5. nano config.ini
  6. Find the line that says Shared-file-size = 1G (about 22 lines down)
  7. Change the 1 to an 8
  8. Save the file
  9. Restart smoked

Need help? Feel free to message jrswab#3134 on Discord or jrswab on Keybase.

Big thanks to @graylan for letting me know about the needed update.

Your Vote Matters!

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Go to https://smoke.io/~witnesses
and type jrswab in the box at the bottom.

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YO SWAB! You got my vote bro. ~RESPECT~


Thanks @chronic-n-coffee! I have a big update coming out tonight (I hope lol) <3