My first block as witness!

2 years ago


What I envision that block as looking like. ;)

Feels great to have finally witnessed a block! :) Thank you to those who're supporting me in my endeavors as a witness! I seriously appreciate you! I just hope that I will be able to serve the community as wonderfully as they're treating me!

Thank you all again! You're why I'm doing this!

The community here is just wonderful!

As always,
Peace and Love!

If you haven't already and would like to support me,
Check out my witness post and feel free to check out my comments/posts.
Decide for yourself if I'm someone you'd like to support in helping the blockchain out or not. :)

Witness intro. :)
Vote. :)

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Congrats lol


Thank you! And I just read your post; Welcome! :)
Glad to have you here on the platform! I think you'll be right at home!
I like the project you're working on with the bus! That's awesome mate!
I'd love to do something like that at some point tbh.

Hope you enjoy your time here! The community is great, lotta really good people on here!

Peace and Love.

Edit: I'd upvote your post but I'm at half voting power and I'd like to let it recover more before I start voting again. I think an almost full powered vote of mine is worth a Smoke penny lol, so I'm gonna let it build back up so I can hand at least a penny of value out! I'll resmoke it though for sure!


I hit a 2-piece combo meal!
Awesome!! :D

Nice man hope this is only more to come


Thank you! I appreciate your support!

Grats! Let's keep stacking those blocks! :)


For sure!
I've also given you my witness vote.
I read your witness post and I think you're definitely deserving. :)

Thanks for commenting!
Peace and Love!


Awww! Appreciate it! I won't let you down :)

Yay, you did it, way to go, congratulations.


Yes! And I've found like 20 blocks or something already... I didn't actually count, but it's gotta be close to that!

I'm just happy to be able to help out the community. It feels good to know I'm contributing more than just words. :)