List of STEEM clones

2 years ago

any others I missed? are all those on the latest available HF? I think Golos is stuck on HF16 or something...

So far is my favorite one!

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And yet Steem is da best. Even so, doesn´t hurt to have a more chill platform to post more chill stuff.

For example, on Steem I try to post Top quality posts and nothing more; in Smoke, I´ll try to keep it more casual and to use the platform with a more relaxed mindset.

Good to see you around man, see you in the blockchain!


I'm sooooo agreed on the CHILL lolol

Hey Heimindanger good to see you here too!

I just signup up! You got my first vote :)

Welcome and nice to see you here too. Hope you got all of them above already.

This is not full list.


thank you updated !

Scorum too.

Hehe! Jup, I think you got all! Welcome on board 🙃👍🏼😜

I knew just a few you mentioned and yes, besides STEEM, SMOKE is GREAT! :)

Hello @heimindanger, nice to see you here!

Hi, @heimindanger. I think and are Steemit clones, too. Thanks for this list.


Hi @nona. Thank you, those have been added