My visit at the Weed Farmers Market in Acres Dispensary!

2 years ago


Please bare with me guys this is my first actual review of a dispensary. I wish i got more pics and believe me next time i will.

When you walk into ACRES you get greeted by this guy right here along with security to make sure you check in.

They got a wall of some cool High Times mag memorabilia to gaze at.

You know i loved seeing this right here. They break down the Terpines and what they do. Its so interesting to learn about Terpines.

They even show the room where all the flower gets stashed. I need something like this at my house lol.

Now this is dope right here. You get to see the workers in action. They were making some wax and looked like to be some halloween edibles!

Once you step into the farmers market this is what it looks like! They have about 4 booths going and they are all selling wax and flower. I ended up finding some real cool deals

They also had a pipe accessories table where i was able to score a good pen and catcher for my rig.

Overall the trip was a success. The flower wasn't as cheap as i thought it would be at a farmers market but if they get any bigger im sure it would be a little more competitive. They had a cool 1/2 oz deal i ended up going with and i got some wax too. I couldn't pass up on this flower i saw there too so i had to grab a 8th of it. Ill let you know what i copped

Believe it or not Mike Tyson was there!!

I was looking at some flower, then i looked to the left, and there was Mike!!! I was star struck for real and he left up outta there before i could even ask him for a pic. Im gonna make sure i have some Smoke.IO apparel on next time just in case something like that happens again! No i couldn't get a pic either lol

Ill let you guys know what i copped in the upcoming posts!! Some crazy flavors

Stay High!

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Never been to a dispensary. One day I hope :)


For sure? What part of the 🌎 do you live?


I'm in Europe. I never had the chance to visit Amsterdam. Probably next year ;)


soon come!

Sau Cool pictures.
Have never seen something like this.
Really very good contribution!
Was fun to read.
Will follow you
Greetings from Germany


Thanks for the follow!! These dispensaries out here are crazy dope! Can’t wait to show you guys more

This is amazing place!



Man, I can only imagine walking into one like this someday. This is such a ballin place I don't think I would want to even leave.


They took all my money 😂


Yeah, I can see why that is for sure