My Visit at the Brand New State of the Art Dispensary Planet 13 (Pt 1)

9 months ago

Planet 13 is the best looking dispensary i've seen!

The store is so big that i had to split up the posts. This one is more of the day time pics and some cool features inside the store.
This is what you see when you park and step out to walk in! This looks like a mall or something!

This what you walk into when you get to the front lobby to show ID.

Once you get your ticket you're good to go! It's like you're about to go to a movie or something!

Straight up futuristic in here. On your way in the store you can walk and play on an interactive floor!!

The Budtenders here are extremely friendly and you get your personal budtender when you come in.

The inside looks like you walked in the mall or something. The product displays are crazy.

The flower is displayed with the name and price with the terp profiles

To Be Continued....

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I love it! And I hate to complain, because we are SUPER lucky to have the completely recreationally legal states that we have. But prices really need to come down.

The only reason the prices are what they are is because of the black market. It makes no sense. And now, the black market is 1/2 the price of the legal stuff.

But again, I love it! Even though it's a spaceship or planet theme, it still normalizes cannabis / get's the public to be accepting. Keep the dispensaries coming.

And by the way. Is this on the strip?

EDIT Oh never mind. I see it's right next to Reef. Does it still reek of weed anywhere within a mile of that place? lol. I've been there twice since legalization, and thought they did a really good job with legalization. Unlike California, everything seemed to be in place super fast, and businesses started selling recreationally right away.

The products I tried from Reef and another dispensary were very good. And it all felt very normal (for vegas)


yeah it sure does reek but the whole strip is starting to reek as well lol. The prices do need to come down but i think they will once more competition is out here. Planet 13 is bringing good deals so ill stick around


the california system was ripe for manipulation. It was good for the small holders but in time they will be pushed out by the big boys with big budgets

That floor's gonna trip out a lot of the local homeless.
Nice! Can't wait to see part two.


yeah got some more surprises lol

Wow this place looks crazy fancy, it really does look like a cinema lol


for real though!

This is awesome, It made me think how great an idea to create a cannabis themed mall would be!! The future of this industry is bright, especially after legalization and sales ability is made available for MOM AND POP syyle shops. The black market which has been the livelyhood for so many will eventually wither away after these institutions et involved. Im really happy to see change comin and hope the quality standards go up while prices go down!


yeah for real tho, imagine a weed mall, you got a bunch of different wax stores, some flower stores, some have both, then you got arcade/smoke lounge. That would be awesome.

Oh wow. That looks really cool. Where is that? Canada?
Following. Can't wait for the other parts ✌️


its in Las Vegas, lol. stay tuned!


Las Vegas 😂 of course hahaha where else would something so flashy be. I have to visit it one day.

Looks like you about to buy a ring !!
Fancy!!! I get it though, that's probably the best way to attract big customers if you know what I mean


yeah and really hype it up ... pretty great idea... i wonder how much they spent to get it up and running. They probably won't be in profit for a few years maybe.

That’s one must visit in my bucket list now!! Man, I wish you made a video about it and put it on TWT(The Weed Tube) .


my editing game sucks but man, there's so much video i could do out here it's ridiculous so i gotta figure out a way somehow, or learn how to edit