Happy Danksgiving! Celebrating with some Super!

7 months ago

i treated myself today to some of the best flower in Las Vegas. Some Love Triangle by Green Life Productions

Presidential packaging

It's sitting around 24% THC and has 12 mg of Limonene! This is probably my top 3 fav terpines right here. it has spice its sweet and tangy all at the same time with that 5mg of Myrcene that balances it out. Maybe thats why they call it Love Triangle

Im Very Dankful!

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Happy danksgiving!
Those buds look crazy hairy and white with trichs.
Nice that they print the info right on the receipt, I should start looking at my receipts.


its really the terp profile description or the description of the flower, it should have the terp profile on there.


One day you're gonna have to teach us what a terp is.
And not in any of them fancy words, something I can understand.

Did you happen to see any taco flavour?
Filthy heater!!


hahaha havent had any tacos on tuesday in a while, might have to bring it back!

Planet 13? Cool address!
This buds looks so yummy, I want it)))


yeah i know right! i just did a post about my trip to Planet 13 the best looking dispensary i've been in! check it out!

Looks delicious. Upsmoked and resmoked. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada.


thanks bro!! happy holidays!

Wow nice treatment and happy happy thanksgiving


appreciate that brother....

send me some mate, looks super crunchy.


wish i could pass the blunt!!