Time to grind

The distribution of tokens from the ICO seems to have started. Which is a great thing because I thought they were supposed to be distributed much later around the same time the Airdrop would be distributed in December. That's way sooner than expected, can we give some credit to the Smoke team? Maybe not all users may find their tokens in their wallet right now, but I know there are a few lucky people that already have their tokens, including me.

There have already been a few interesting topics that I've seen so far. One of the users asked: Does Smoke Have A Place For Non-Cannabis Material? Is there is a place for those who do not smoke? The short answer would be: Yes.

As far as my concerns will go about the Smoke platform (or any platform for that matter), it is all going to be about the kind of contribution you make when you participate in a community. Whether it is curating content or creating content, I believe that everybody is welcome, or should feel welcome.

Since a part of me is high all the time, simply by being Dutch, there are a few points about that perspective that I would like to address, to hopefully make it more discussable without holding a grudge to someone who doesn't like the way how you think or see these kinds of questions being posted.


If you are labeling the majority of users on this platform as "stoners", I suggest you remove that label. Not because, in my opinion, it is pretty shallow-minded if you label those who smoke as just stoners, but with having that idea, you're limiting and boxing yourself out if you aren't one at the same time. The same goes for the experienced users in the field if you label those who have no knowledge about the culture. Closing the door straight away would be not helping at all if you are aiming to open this culture to the world. We're all human, and most of us all bleed red. Think outside of the box.

Common sense.
It's a Cannabis related platform. Anything that is posted and related to that area is more than welcome and will be appreciated. It's not only about smoking weed. If the capacity of your brain doesn't allow you to go further than that, then this is a great place to consume and get educated about it. Whether it posts that teaches you about weed or posts that contain questions about it. Learn a little bit more about this culture before you judge yourself. This way, you will eventually know what you are going to post about or how you can participate.

Ahhh, a new platform! I got to post, I got to post! I got to show the world that I am here! Do you? Not really, you don't have to. I understand the enthusiasm most people have, but sometimes it's better to be quiet when you're uncertain. In the long term, you'll seize way more rewards when you do know what you're doing. Let's start with thinking about what and how you can contribute to this platform. I am sure a great idea will flourish in your backyard.

There are many ways to contribute to a platform that is designed like this. Reading, curating, writing, creating art, giving tips, sharing experiences, ask questions and so on. One of the goals is to make weed more discussable and make people aware that it is more than just a person who uses it that get's high.

First thought: What? Already off-topic? And why? If there is a high demand for off-topic related content, there are always the hashtags we can start using. While maintaining the focus and keeping things on track within the Smoke Platform, it's logical that content that isn't related to the Cannabis culture have a chance to be rewarded less as the content that is related to the Cannabis culture. Especially in the beginning when the main-net just launched. Imagine: you launch a product about X and people start using it for Y, simply because it can be used for Y. This doesn't mean you should use it for Y instead of X right away. However, this shows that there are possibilities beyond the X and that there is room for growth. This makes this platforms' potential bigger than it is.


I got my ICO tokens already, did you get yours?

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Now this is a quality shitpost!


A Brown Straight Flush it is!

I couldn't have written this better myself. Great formatting too (yeah my OCD is coming out)

Thank you for clarifying all the little ins-and-outs about tags, off-topic and on topic for people wanting to post articles more than just about cannabis related topics.


Thanks @Goldendawne! Did some HTML scripting back in the day, and formatting on Steem helped a lot ;-). OCD (Ey, @Acid?)

Grind and shine, then smoke some 🤗

"I am sure a great idea will flourish in your backyard."

My backyard is doing just fine !!! :)

Showing off some photography skills on these pics, nice close ups! On your other post too


Hehe, you got about 3 ideas in your backyard? :P Thanks @edprivat!


That top grinder pic is wallpaper worthy!


Awesome, you can use it as a wallpaper if you want to. You got the photographers permission 😛

Holy! Deep but damn true. I do agree.


Is this already deep? haha


I'm on a pretty shallow side things LOLOL (very true)

Yeah, I just got my Smoke too from the ICO today 😛


Awesome to hear @Celestal! Time to Curateeee


Yeaah 😃

Beautiful grinder!



Haven't gotten my ICO yet, thanks for this post though i will refer it to folks.


Have you logged in your Dashboard and added your username to your wallet there? They will be distributed automatically.

I got my ICO tokens too. Not much though, but it's just the first small step smoke of a man...


Nice! You're an early adapter so you will benefit in the long term as the platform grows and grows.