Promotional Art Contest

3 years ago

Hey there!

There is a cool contest out there created by @powerpics to create artwork. The purpose of the artwork is to promote the Smoke Network. We just couldn't sit back and relax. Here is our entry. All images and designs are our own. While we love photography, we thought it would be fun to play around with the logo itself. Honestly, it turned out pretty cool in our opinion.

We had a lot of fun creating these artworks and hope they will be used to promote the platform. Our favorite design is the one where we just worked things out with the logo itself. We would recommend using that one for promotion if it fits within the given guidelines and represents the platform well enough.

All the artwork contain the logo and are 750 pixels wide by 750 pixels h i g h .

Disclaimer: licensing is still reserved for potential future purposes, but we will be happy to release them and license them as CC0 Creative Commons if we end up within the selected top 5. This way everyone can use them freely whenever they want.

If you like them just as much as we do, we love to hear your thoughts about them!

© 2018 - @haze

© 2018 - @haze

© 2018 - @haze

Hope you like the designs,

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I love the hazy atmosphere.


Glad you like it ^^

Wow! I love all of them... but mostly, the last one! They're all beautiful and am already reposting. Nice one, great job

Awesome I love the dark greens in the last one, that is my fav I think. They all look great :) Resmoked :)


Thanks for sharing and resmoking!

Awesome! Thanks! Happy Saturday.


It was a nice Saturday! Had a good weekend?

VERY nice! MUCH MUCH better than what I came up with! LOL. ;)

I think we've already basically got a first placer here...


Haha wow! Don't know exactly what to say, but: thanks! Let's see the other submissions first! The more the merrier, right?

I like this, Ill try this... canabis is interesting art... those green are life


Go for it! Thanks @turtledance24

are we free to use these for marketing and posting?


Depends on the outcome of the contest! We might use the concept of the images for something else and we aren't sure what exactly @powerpics has in mind.

This is outstanding, all designs are amazing and pretty but i think the third design is my favourite.


Thank you very much @jessica :-) Everybody loves the 3rd design! :D

Nice work. keep it coming


Thanks @a4ilusionist :-)

Beautiful Artwork... I entered too....


Thanks! Good luck @offgrid!

First and last are my fav so far


Thanks for sharing!

these are very attractive and professional look. Keep it up :)


Thanks @azizbd!

I need a giant Flag and about 10,000 T-Shirts for Tomorrow's Big Day in Canada !