Did We Make Smoke History?

8 months ago

Did We Make Smoke History?

By: Free The Weed In Texas


Well, super exciting news update this morning from Free The Weed In Texas. @smokeasaurusrex contacted me about helping sponsor our acoustics reggae show coming up in Houston on December 14th. "Happy HoliBlaze" just got that much better! It is my honor to announce that Smoke.io will be sponsoring the "Happy HoliBlaze" event on December 14th. We are super delighted to have the Smoke.io team taking action to expand this platform's outreach but also helping this movement expand here in Texas for legalization. Standing Ovation

Is this the first event that Smoke.io has sponsored? If so, is this history? If so, we are sure glad to be a part of it!

We look forward to working with Smoke.io on expanding this community and to free the weed, not only here in Texas, but all over the world, and that's real talk.


Thank you Smoke.io !

Free The Weed In Texas


[email protected]




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Nice! I hope this spreads the word, both for smoke.io and for legalization.


0.46 SMOKE cents per upvote at 64% power. Nice ;)

I'm getting up there!


I threw together this little thing in a dumb way just as a proof of concept after I read https://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Rewards:Formulas
No warranty, i'm bad at math.


Ah, it shows the current. I saw the term "max" and assumed it would tell me how much at 100%. I suppose it's set to a current max. :P


both can be calculated, the source, https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYZJD3ZCcdruthmLNXt9rihtLBQv6pfSKVJRmYSduueaX
I put a bunch of comments in there. user vp just gets set to 1 if calculating 100% vote at 100% vp.
but yeah, this was just for whatever current VP is. If you run you a linux you can run the script.

Nice way to spread the Smoke.io. Ill resmoke this man. 😊😊😊

Smoke.io will be sponsoring the "Happy HoliBlaze" event

THAT is exceptional news!!!! Another great way to get the word out more about SMOKE.io!

Resmoked for exposure and voted for support. :)



Wow, this is amazing. will definitely take smoke.io mainstream

Thanks for the shout out. I believe it is the first sponsored event. Im sure there will be plenty more to come. Hopefully I can be there in person to help educate the attendees of the ways that Smoke.io is able to change the world, as well.

Thats's an amazing news. Would be nice to have merchandizing or Smoke branded goodies to give away.


Im working on that as we speak😤


In the works! <3

Whoa! Good exposure for the Smoke network. Good call in sponsoring an awesome event such as that. Best of luck with the event. Puffs!