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This helpful tool was developed by @chronocrypto to help smoke platform users check activities happening in their account or the account of other users on the smoke blockchain. And using this great tool is pretty simple and straight forward, just type and you will have all the info you are looking for. He is a witness so you can give him a vote to encourage him develop great tools as this one.


This is another innovation from one the awesome witnesses on the smoke blockchain with username @blckchnd. Built RuDEX a decentralized market where users can easily trade smoke and transfer it in and outside of the platform. This is what we have been looking right? An exchange where one can easily move smoke coins around and buy additional smoke to power up, and the beauty is that Market fee is free for now! Good job guys, you just earned my vote!

You can read up how to use the platform here -


I love curations!!!!! The true beauty of creativity is in the appreciation, which makes @smokeafrica a superb project, where content owners can join their discord channel and get their quality contents curated. I have given their witness a vote to appreciate the work being done!

  1.    SMOKE HOSTEL 420

Another great curation lounge is the @smokehostel420, which is another curation project launched by @princeola to appreciate and encourage quality content owners. This is super duper cox like I said – I love my works to be appreciated!

These are the ones I can remember at the moment. You can add any other awesome projects happening on the blockchain in the comment section below!

Always remember that knowledge is freedom!!!
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Thank you for the review. I feel encouraged to churn out more!

as always good work.
What would I do without you !!
Probably trying to transfer smoke from bitshares.
Hahaha, good info my friend


Hahaha... Funny. Thanks Dude!



Freedom you deserve some accolades for this!!


Hahaha.... Bring it on buddy!!!

It's good we are making smoke come alive and become good at this early. I already tried out the smoke data, checked out smoke hostel but I'll have to check out rudex exchange and smoke Africa to see what's going there. Thanks for the updates...


Yes. It's this supportive tools that will motivate us to stay on d platform 💞

You didn't mention Reyvape we sell smoke gadget in Nigeria 🇳🇬


Sorry Buddy, this lists out tools, will soon feature smoke top market places on the platform. Stay tuned buddy!

Great post, makes it easier to search as you brought them together


Thanks buddy. This is the goal, since smoke is yet to create the search bar. Keep smoking!

Awesome! These are projects that will help smoke network stand out and help users excel with time.
Thanks for bringing to our notice.

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