[VLog] In Togetherness WE Can List SMOKE On CryptalDash

2 years ago

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What Can We Do As Community To Help SMOKE?

When I saw this in the morning, I decided I'm gonna approach it seriously.

Obviously, there are basic tasks we can do to help but the more complex ones reward way much more.

What do you think, should we as community stand up and start uploading videos on youtube - speaking about SMOKE & influencing Cryptal - generating momentum? I honestly feel we should!

This kind of momentum can result in many more benefits for our beautiful blockchain! Not to mention how all of us can observe each other videos, boost the view count and at the same time ensure instant listing on the exchange!

I do understand being on a video might come as a shock to you, but in this new, decentralized era -that shouldn't come as a problem especially if it is for achieving bigger goals!

Long Story Short

I'm gonna stop speaking mad shit and start acting, like real leaders do.

Got no intentions to speak and not back my words up, so I'll start creating SMOKE video regarding CryptalDash as soon as possible. Just need A BIT of your help with it! Can one of the credible members here write me some kind of reference points I could use while creating a vid? That would be dope!

Don't get me wrong, I got plenty in my head I can use already - just want to use a bit more navigation from more experienced members.

As well, I wanted to book an interview but then I realized they are looking for Core Team Members, that changed things a bit - but I'm still up for it! If the core team members would want to brief me on everything they would want me to say, and go through potential Q&A with me - I'm ready to do this on behalf of SMOKE community!

I got Tons of Experience when it comes to interviews and I'm a graduate public relations expert. You need me? I'm here :)

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We will win this!


Most definitely brother! Do you have any tips I can use while making Youtube video for the contest? Thanks!! :)


You can mention that those who vote for smoke and post on smoke.io will be rewarded


Lol. Thats basics :P I'm very well aware of pointing that out many times haha

I did the same)


Good to know bro :) are you gonna record the video as well?

I did the same :D excellent idea!