The Real Truth Behind My SMOKE Success [EXPOSED]

2 years ago

Click the fucking thumbnail :) (description below)


I was thinking about quite some time, about this video... I decided I'm getting out with it. I don't wanna picture the false picture to the young children out there...

I need to teach them, how to Hustle the proper way. It is not easy and 1 must embark on a path of the warrior... Form connections - with other warriors; otherwise you are on a path of the samurai.

If you have a chance, always ask anything you want rather than letting it slip through cause of illusion in form of feelings.

Feelings are nothing else but chemical reactions that our bodies produce, I do understand that kind of reactions might be realistic and stop you from doing certain things... But through life, I learnt how not to pay attention to them - it's really great tool if you want to be a cryptopreneur, or a successful poker player LOL

You need to be able to perform under Clutch. Imagine all the upcoming clutches when Bitcoin hits 100$ (possibility) before it moons again. 😂 So yeah - asking someone to boost me if he finds my content decent is nothing to worry about when I have this bigger things to cope with 😂😂😂

So that is the hidden part of my SMOKE success - a whale with good intentions who is helping me with well-timed support. Always feel great to be backed by capable people!

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Upvote out of that 50% decline price Sadness. :')


Ahahahaha! Thanks bro <3


The price decline is a great opportunity for us to buy Smoke power.
The sun will raise asgain and the price of Smoke will explode.


The Sun Will Rise In Smoke's Sky soon

Hey .... I have lots of problems with Dtube on my old devices (Blackberry, ipod etc) .... is there anyway you can also load these to Youtube ? I'll help you get to 1,000 Subscribers so you can earn some extra old fashioned fiat $$$ that you can use to buy Smoke.


Yeah bro, for you - I'll definitely do it ;) But right now I need to run to sleep haha

By the way I even backed up this video on additional node and it still isn't working... strange.


How the hell are you zooming your camera in and out while you talk ? Do you have a Film Crew ? Your Videos are hilarious but yeah get some sleep and food and stuff.


love the communnittyness of this platform. over on steemit it was such a drag trying to build a presence while folks circle jerked. happy to see the whales here love their minnows and dolphins :)


@offgrid You can download the video directly through this link. And I added it to two extra nodes. You can see if it plays better.


Awesome. Thanks..... h,mmmm... I get an error message on my iPad.

I need your backings @enjoyinglife want to enjoy life too.

Time is changing price is changing so we hope there will be a sunshine in all cryptocurrencies. Its time for odl and but some smoke and save for the sunshine

Go to bed man.
Hahaha kidding.
Awesome story bro,big shoutout to @acid for giving you a hand.
Besides your content rocks,I feel only positive vibes from your vlogs.
Cheers bro.

Congrats on HODLing 4,200.000 SMOKE @enjoyinglife!
Smoke on!

Your smoke story is motivational, motivate me along my friend for i am new here.

Congrats for Success.
Keep the good work.

Haha well that’s one way to success!

this is very helpful

Lol, man i just love the way you do your things... Keep enjoying life