The GREEN Secret To Success! [Video]

2 years ago

Post from the Future

I simply didn't know, which road to take - what my next steps were

I was perplexed. Finally, after years of wandering I found

Little did I realize how nothing will ever be the same again... From that day, when I started accumulating smoke assets everything just got better and better

Eventually I became a whale on the platform and could eat for a month just by taking a picture of my joint...

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Who else upvoted just cos of how high this guy was when he managed to record this?


Lmaooo... the longer this video was going, harder it was for me hahahaha

Ha ha.... The BEST Promo Video Ever. I wish I had 1 Million Smoke to give you man. That was beautiful. It made me cry.


Haha thank you bro!! :)

I'm really glad you find it amusing. Super hyped to hear that!


Make a whole series of these videos ... will be excellent. You are a great Smokesperson for


Thank you for the encouragement bro! It means a lot :)

Now when you motivated me, I'll definitely try and deliver more in similar style... but different

Really glad that you liked it :)


Great editing and production ... Subscribed to your Channel.

Lol, interesting and epic. Love the production though, made your joint appear like it's magic😀😀
Finally, we have a platform were we earn for doing things we like. Thanks for sharing. Resmoked


Finally, we have a platform were we earn for doing things we like

Agreed. :)

Thanks so much for recognizing the value in this! It means a lot as I was unsure if anyone else will get my weird sense of humor. Lol

Thanks so much for the support! Appreciate the resmoke :) will try to deliver in the similar fashion!!

Curiousity brought me here. lolol now I found out :D


Haha I'm glad you came :)


That's what she said.


Cool! Funny and inspirational at the same time. Nice thinking bro.

you are one lucky man mate...
earn while smoking...
what could be cooler

Like magick!! 😊

Great vid mate, and you look wasted my friend, Lol, bong on bro. :-)

Awesome! Here is a comment from a cannabis whale from the future!

“Bravo👏👏, i remember those day!! ::passes the joint::”

With 💕,

The best

yeah smoke is a blessing for me here in Africa! i have been able to really earn something worth my time these days

Nice, God Bless

love it !!! Thanx so much great video follow you on DTube too .... Greetings from Germany, Lars

You are the man! Hahaha... You are good in video editing! LOL

Nice video... you should organize some contest here...

@enjoyinglife very interesting video, i followed you, hope get more vids like this one

You are so good and funny @enjoyinglife
Youb really have the guts of enjoying smoke

Haha @enjoyinglife, No doubt

that's really great

I just need a huge join but i dont have 1 :c


😂 man high as fuck... Great video😎

lol ... awesome