Got some vape pens from @infamous, review time!

last year

@infamous traded some vape pens with my company, I am totally excited about smoking them.

Blueberry og

Purple Sky CBD

Strawberry lemonade

These vape pens taste straight fire 🔥🔥

The terps and disolate he uses are great and the pens aren't cheap, most pens have 40-60% disolate but he made his with 70-90% disolate

Check out @infamous if you haven't already

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Awesome bro, I hope you don't have to much work to do, I don't think you will have the time with all those distractions, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)

Dam these are fire I bet. Pretty sweet you got to hook a trade for these.

Some? That's a tonne! 😂

Great to see networking going on behind the scenes on the smoke network 👌


I met him a month or so ago but we are so busydoing our own things with the industry. I didn't get to trade with him for awhile.

What do you do with the pen once it's empty? Are they returned to the shop or kept as a memento?


I could reuse them but I don't, my own company gets them made for 1-3 dollars based on the pen equipment. I throw away usually after use.

I am glad to see you like them.