Home-Making BHO! THC wax using butane [Oleoresin]

8 months ago

Hi Smokers!

Today I will show you my simple method of extracting resins and terpenes from cannabis leaves with liquefied butane!

You can find out about the properties of this unique product and its brief history here

The process shown in the video took about 5 grams of trim cannabis leaves and a little over 100ml of liquid gas.

As you can see, I independently made an extractor from a blank for a plastic bottle without using clever adapters.

I didn't make the video, but after extraction, the oil tank needs to be heated on the steam bath, for the final evaporation of the butane.

I do not recommend using paper for baking. At the first experience I had difficulties with the separation of the concentrated substance from the paper. Use a bowl without sides

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Dangerous process though, no? Have you tried rosin pressing?


This process is not dangerous to carry out in a well ventilated area.
The main thing is not to use an open flame))
I first to try smoke extracts of cannabis , usually I smoke buds
I newer tried rosin pressing((

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