Customized Smoke Banner from @HAZE handle it with TLC!

2 years ago


Hello Smokers, hope you all have a good day!
Today an awesome soul made something for me, @haze, I could not find an exact word to thank you but you know man, when I drop by at the trending page I saw your blog post right there I saw a banner with my username in it and it feels so overwhelming to know that there are people helping the newbies to progress, keep it up!
Thank you for pushing us to do what's beneficial to each one of us...
I will not promise but I will try my best to do something in return for your goodness... and for the witnesses that keeps us reminding to be a good influence in this community.
Thanks a million!

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following you now,


Thank you, I have a message for you at our gc, that is very important regarding smoke

that's a very kind geature of @haze , love the banner design


Get yours too and tell the world it's free, haha...thanks a lot!

I followed you already, so nice banner

Banners give life to posts. I really appreciate what she did, and she did it for free! ^_^


You look awesome to that banner of yours, thank for joining me in here.

Wow! Can I have mine too?

Hey @dargonx0x you should have included your picture, lol! @haze has a batch two of her customized banner I hope she can make me one. So kind of her for doing this.


I told @haze that I'm good with just a username only.
I already tweeted and blogged it at steemit. Thanks for reminding, you too have some banner and wave it to the ocean, lol!

@lawlai @sarimanok
go here
and drop your profile pic and username
thanks for dropping by I appreciate your coming here.


Welcome and thank you too.