Voted for Smoke On Cryptaldash And You Should Too!

2 years ago

Help the community and get upsmokes at the same time! After you vote, make a post, and comment on @powerpics post to earn Cannabits here:

Proof of Sharing


We are starting off strong at number one but we need a lot more votes for a listing so be sure to do yourpart!


I'm not very active on other platforms except twitter, but I did all of them for the points! Here is my tweet:

Now, go do the same so we all win!

Go here to vote:

After you do it. Put your proof in a reply to this post for a little upvote from me!

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awesome , i did it too

I follow you and will support you.
We will definitely win this ballot.
Wish you a nice evening and good smoke.
Greetings from Germany

Wonderful news buddy. Really nice to see how the community is standing together to get SMOKE listed on the Cryptaldash Exchange. I also wrote something to get the word out about the competition. Really hope we win this competition.

Voted as Witness.
Thank you.