What's the wackiest name you can come up with? (Winner gets 25 Smoke)

last year

Every time I make a post of what weed I pick up, I get confused what to call it. Usually every strain I see on smoke has a cool name, mostly indoor grown or picked up from dispensaries. I usually pick up weed which is mostly grown outdoors by farmers, mainly in villages. Since every strain I pick up is different and has no name, I decided to test your creativity with the best name you can come up with :)

This is the latest score me and my friends picked up. Such a pleasant high. Tastes amazing. Not very heady. You can easily function unlike most of the weed I usually pick up :P


This is how it looks after trimming the leaves


Rules of the contest

1.Upsmoke and resmoke the article.
2.Comment with the wackiest name you can come up with.
3.The comment with the most number of upsmoke will win 25 smoke.

Winner will be chosen in one week

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Klaro for the road

Can i named it freakazoid 😂😂😂

Ghooseweed,I think

This funny...
The most funny name I ever come across is kif dagga but most street boys here called its ganja

Upsmoked, Resmoked and followed

for me, it is..tiborzky...some of my friend call me that way...heheheheh... God Bless

...its looks like wilding hemp