Vote for SMOKE to be listed in Cryptaldash Exchange

2 years ago

Cryptaldash Exchange

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CryptalDash Exchange allows cross-market views and execution. You can make transactions within the exchange or through integrated third-party exchanges. Operating in CryptalDash means that you always get the best price.

Vote for SMOKE to be listed in Cryptaldash Exchange

While we know SMOKE.IO is a great social network that is just beginning and is taking giant steps, I think that for a future the smoke should be in good exchanges, which is convenient for the network and for all users, as this would make SMOKE in a popular currency and easier to exchange for other cryptoactive without talking about the popularity that this social network would get in a few months.

Speaking of new exchanges and cryptocurrency markets, Cryptaldash Exchange offers a good proposal in the area of ​​exchange and is that its technology makes it a unique platform.

Today we make life in SMOKE many users who are willing to encourage the growth of this platform, step by step, block by block, Cryptaldash Exchange is a new milestone for the smoke network.

Get more information about this in the official publication of @smokenetwork

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Hahaha! We have the same post. Saw this one in Discord. I just got invited an hour ago.


XD we agree on something, maybe the enthusiasm in seeing cree to jeje

I will definetely vote it :) thanks for this info

Really nice editing! Loved the mini clip in the start. I recently figured this out but you're on another level :D


Although the miniclip credits belong to @smokenetwork, I also invite you to vote for the smoke. Regards!!


Yup I did!