Best Way To Store Weed and Keep your Marijuana Fresh

2 years ago

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The most ideal approach to store weed relies upon conditions and resources. The most ideal approach to keep your weed crisp is to keep it cool, dull, and dry. Storing cannabis, such as setting it up, requires a specific measure of workmanship. Putting away weed can likewise make legitimate issues in a few settings. The most ideal approach to keep pot new is to repel it from the common enemies of light, illnesses like molds, sodden conditions, and nearness to light sources which can corrupt its mixes.


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Effectively put away relieved bud can keep going for up to three years. The buds ought to be put away in consideration, not ground, in order to safeguard the trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes in the long haul.

Most ideal Way to Preserve Weed

The most ideal approach to keep cannabis crisp is in a glass container in a dim, cool, dry place. The best bud is crisp off the parcel, prepared accurately, and transported rapidly, ideal to your ravenous lips. Notwithstanding, now and again you get a decent cluster of pot, and it is very much a lot to expend instantly. Or then again hash that should be put away.

Indications of inappropriately stored weed are dry, brittle, hardened weed that consumes and scents like paper and lessens to fine cinder rapidly. Cannabis from appropriate capacity is brimming with scent, tar, and cannabinoids. It consumes gradually and is loaded with solid aroma. There are a couple of methods for keeping bud new. We will investigate the most up to date and best, time-tried approaches to keep marijuana new.


First we should get this off the beaten path, things you should NOT do:

  • Don't generally deal with your weed

  • Try not to solidify

  • Try not to store in the icebox or refrigerator

  • Try not to store over the stove or other warmth source

  • Try not to store in plastic packs

  • Try not to store in paper or aluminum thwart

Storing Marijuana

Dark-Glass, Air-tight Container

This is the conventional method to accurately store your pot for later use. Pick a glass container that is the size that enables you to completely stuff the glass with your unblemished buds, leaving little air that can dry out your weed. Plastic is a major don't. Never store your weed long haul in plastic. Plastic will open your weed to corruption by light, air, and temperature variances. Surprisingly more terrible, it can siphon the estrogen emulate, BPA, into your weed. None of us need that, particularly the folks.

You require a glass container that seals totally, leaving no air or exhaust fit for spilling out. These sorts of containers are utilized for jam, and the entire fixing of the compartment is the thing that keeps the organic product safeguards new. As it were, you are putting your very own sort of organic product saves in your container and you need to keep in all the flavor, unique dampness, and remedial plant-prescriptions in your cannabis. When the container is shut, and wiped perfect, following a couple of days, you ought to be not able distinguish the smell of weed. This is important to protect your weed, thus that your capacity territory does not wreak of weed

Since you have your pot in a container, you have to locate a cool, dull place in which to store it. A shelf, or cabinet are great decisions. Make sure to pick a place that does not encounter a ton of temperature changes that could influence the freshness of your weed. Additionally, it should be dim on the grounds that light will make your THC separate. When you take a portion of your weed out for use, utilize littler, dull shaded containers to store it.

Cannabis Humidor


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You can utilize a cannabis humidor to store your bud. This is a wooden, mahogany compartment that keeps up the best possible dampness, and give a decent, smart approach to store your prescription. Cannador is a mainstream and in vogue mark that has various pot humidors accessible to help keep your weed new. It is vital not to utilize a tobacco humidor, as the cedar is improper for weed stockpiling and will exchange oils and smells which are incredible for tobacco, yet dangerous for your bud.

Boveda Packs


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Indeed, even with your cannabis humidor, you can make more strides for putting away weed. A perfect innovation is Boveda Packs. Boveda Packs utilize salts and water spongy globules that will keep a definitely determined level of relative stickiness in your weed. This, joined with the Cannador humidor is a contender for the most ideal approach to keep your weed new. The Boveda pack definitely directs relative dampness by engrossing dampness when moistness is high and including dampness when it drops too low. It keeps up the RH to the determinations on the name.

Light, Humidity, and Oxygen

You need to restrain light introduction since it obliterates THC. You can do this by storing in a dull place or in a dim compartment.

You need to keep up moistness around 54 to 63 percent relative dampness which is anything but difficult to do with Boveda packs. Attempt to constrain air presentation to build the timeframe of realistic usability of your Boveda packs. Other mugginess frameworks incorporate VaporBeads and Integra Boost.

Oxygen can be the adversary of the uprightness of your weed as it will remove the dampness from the weed and dry it out. Indeed, even with Boveda packs, constrain presentation to oxygen. In spite of the fact that oxygen is a minor foe, since it can enable the bud to dry out, or give a domain to form, you likewise would prefer not to vacuum seal your weed without master learning of how to do this without hurting your prescription.



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The CVault stockpiling compartment runs splendidly with your cannabis humidor as a phenomenal method to store your pot. CVault banded together with Boveda to make the ideal compartment to keep up the best relative dampness for your cannabis items. The CVault joined with Boveda innovation, in a Cannador humidor is outstanding amongst other frameworks you can purchase; be that as it may, you can improve your own advances.

Perfect Temperatures for Storing Cannabis

Your cannabis should be put away at temperatures beneath 75 F or 24 °C. Growths and microorganisms unsafe to plants like molds and shape develop at temperatures over 75 degrees and these hurtful life forms can demolish your weed. Discover a region where the temperature doesn't change excessively, yet stays around 65 Fahrenheit, or within ten degrees of 65 F consistently. This might be in a cabinet or storage room. Hot air rises, so you might need to discover an area closer to the ground to store your weed.

Light Exposure

As specified before, you need to confine light presentation to weed that you plan to store. Light is really the principle factor that corrupts your weed. UV beams and light from numerous sources will separate cannabinoids. In this manner, pick a dim place to store your weed, a storage room or cabinet that doesn't get much light. Utilize a dim glass compartment when you are prepared to take out a bit for use.

Vacuum Sealing

This is a dubious issue among cannabis epicureans. Some case vacuum fixing, appropriately, with plastics which don't contain BPA, is an extraordinary method to keep your bud new for quite a while. It can likewise make it conceivable to seal little sums, so you can open a crisp pack when prepared for utilize, as independently fixed espresso units. Others guarantee that plastic will destroy your weed and vacuum fixing will suck out your cannabinoids and harm your trichomes. There is a glad medium be that as it may. You can vacuum seal singular dosages, at that point store the independently fixed portions in a glass container in a cool dry place with the goal that it is as yet shielded from temperature boundaries, mechanical pressure, and light presentation. You could even utilize a light-safe plastic; be that as it may, you would should be extremely mindful so as to know the synthetic concoctions in your plastics since they can wind up in your weed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Container Versus Vacuum Sealing

How about we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the different strategies for putting away weed. To start with, the container strategy versus the vacuum fixing and plastic techniques. We know as of now, utilizing straightforward plastic opens your weed to light, temperature, and mechanical pressure and is just for here and now stockpiling. Vacuum fixing in any case, can be utilized for long haul stockpiling. The drawback is that a few plastics contain BPA and different synthetic substances that can sully your weed. Plastic is straightforward, so it doesn't consequently shield your buds from light harm. It is thin thus doesn't shield well from temperature changes or equitably appropriate temperature all through the territory. The upside is that it enormously shields from harm from oxygen drying out your weed, and it bolts the gathered phytonutrients into your weed, as though secured suspended movement. Another incredible upside is that you can vacuum seal singular portions, so you can utilize a portion without uncovering the rest of the weed to light and air as you should when utilizing a container. Preferably, you can seal singular dosages of a cluster, utilize one fixed bundle now, and an additional 2 years after the fact and it will even now be as crisp as the first, whenever kept with unpunctured seal in a cool, dull place. There is a workmanship to this that may take information not many individuals have be that as it may. It is best for those as of now personally acquainted with vacuum fixing dried herbs.

Container Versus Humidor with Boveda Packs and CVault

An undeniable upside of the container technique is that it is less expensive than these new innovations of the Cannador, Boveda, and CVault. On the off chance that you are expecting to store your weed for not as much as a year, it may not be worth the speculation and upkeep of these new innovations, if cash is a factor. The drawback of the Cannador, Boveda, and CVault advances is the expense, and the upkeep. The Boveda packs keep going quite a while, however once the packs are solid, they should be tossed out and supplanted. It's sheltered to state they will cost you in excess of a glass container. Additionally, these innovations are more confused than the old glass container. That implies you will require access to your very own costly arrangement of brand name, licensed items at whatever point you require more weed. In the event that you have to store weed on the fly, it wouldn't bode well to purchase a radical new set, it's substantially less complex to simply purchase a glass container which you can go anyplace around the globe generally. The least difficult approach to put it generally speaking is that the old trusty glass container does the activity and is stronger in useful terms than the more up to date, more trendy, more costly advancements. Along these lines, except if you are a genuine expert, and need to flaunt the most sharp and front line weed stockpiling items, you will need to adhere to the trusty glass container. In any case, on the off chance that you are that specialist, and you have to store different sorts of weed over extensive stretches of time, at that point you will improve the situation with the Cannador, Boveda packs, and CVault, these shrewd, sharp, and successful advancements.


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Great post.. I use a jar almost always and lucky the humidity here is not so hectic so burping it every few hours (when I take a bud out) works like a charm.

I’m in vegas where the heat is really high during the summers, dries the buds out like crazy ...any recommendations?


You can install a thermometer system in your house to regulate in house temperature..... I'm not assuring you that it will work... But just try it out

I am running low and need to go reup as one of my jars in running very low but I even store my roaches in a glass container.


Good stuff. Sharing on my other social media

Thank you for these tips. But I thought it was good to keep in the refrigerator so that it does not dry. From now on, I will take your advice so that I can enjoy even more in smoking marijuana