Do You See Yourself Ever Quitting Smoking ?

2 years ago


I'm a 38 old male and have had many phases and changes in my life. While most things come and go in life, a few passions have stood the test of time. Cannabis is one of those passions.

Still to this day I love getting a fresh bag of that bomb ass dank ass, sticky icky , sweet and stinky goodness. It turns me into a little child every time. Cannabis helps with multiple aspects of my life from just taking the edge off and zoning out to a movie or music to helping push my creativity forward. I've got REALLY intense dreams and smoking a bong rip before bed really helps me sleep all night, like a rock.

Many jobs and girls have wanted me to quit smoking but I walk away from anyone or anything that wants to control my habits and life style. I really believe if I was going to quit smoking cannabis I'd already have quit. I feel this is a life long relationship.


I love how the cannabis culture is being accepted more and more everyday all around the world. You see new articles daily talking about the cannabis revolution. Nations around the world are stating to lighten the dark age mentality on this amazing plant. I see even bigger changed in the next 5 years.

I honestly never thought I'd see these changes evolve so fast. If you asked me in my early smoking days if cannabis would ever be legal, I would of said noway. I feel VERY lucky to be alive during this time in human history.


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100%, Ride or die my friend ! =)

"a fresh bag of that bomb ass dank ass, sticky icky , sweet and stinky goodness."


LOL, Glad you dug that one =P


couldn't describe it better myself haha

Every time when I think I want to quit smoking, somehow I get full of WEED
so in my case: i want to stop but i cant (:


LOL, Classic stoner love/hate relationship =)

You said quit?
Did I hear you say quit?
Come on the word quit doesn't exist in my dictionary!!


The OG title was " Why I'm Smoking Weed Till I die ", it's still part of the url addy but felt that might be extreme HAHAHA


Haha definitely would be extreme.




I recently cut back quite a bit, probably only smoked 2-3 times in the past month which is insane, normally I smoke daily. I've had some stressful stuff going on in my life and while sometimes weed is relaxing, it was starting to make me really overthink things. I'm not in a legal state so we dont have a lot of choice in what we get. I think I was getting bad strains that weren't calming me down but kinda rililng me up