How to Transfer Steem to Smoke via Bitshare !

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We've got lots of Steemians here in the ecosystem and some have already asked me how I transfered some of my extra Steem over to the wallet. This tutorial will show you the process of moving Steem over to Smoke if you're holding some you'd like to transfer.

I'm by no means leaving Steemit, I just took the Steem I was going to give to Steem Monsters and moved it over to the project. I honestly didn't like the core aspects of the rules released for Steem Monsters and was looking for a place to dump my Steem Monster funds and found the PERFECT place.

: Step 1 :

Getting STEEM into Bitshare

First you'll need to log into your account for Bitshare, creating one is very easy and fast.

Once you're logged into Bitshare you go into the Depsoit/Withdraw section. You do this by clicking the 3 horizontal lines on the right side of the padlock in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then move your mouse down to Withdraw or Deposit.

Screenshot (69).png

Once you're in the Deposit/Withdraw section you must change the bridge/gateway settings from openledger (OPEN.X) to Rudex.

Screenshot (72).png

Once you're in Rudex Steem it gives you the memo & account you send Steem to within the Steemit ecosystem. I checked out the account before sending ANY Steem, like any smart person would.

You can see in the picture below that's all the guy does, I don't think he even charged me anything. If he did I feel like it was very little. I still tested with a small amount as you can see in the picture.

Screenshot (67).png

Once you send the Steem to with the correct memo it almost instantly shows up in your Bitshare account as Steem ( Rudex ). You can't trade this direct for Smoke but you can trade it for BTS ( Bitshare ) and then trade BTS for Smoke within the Bitshare market.

: Step 2 :

Getting Smoke from Bitshare to

This part has already been cover by @freedom and I'll link his amazing work below. This will give you EVERYTHING you need to transfer your Smoke tokens from Bitshare over to the ecosystem. Don't forget to power up that Smoke !!

Thank you to EVERYONE who is making this amazing blockchain possible. The organic interactions and votes here is MIND BLOWING. No bots, no greedy whales, pot heads spreading the crypto love. Is this going to be the perfect blockchain ? I'm loving it so far and all the users/developers make it possible.

I'll be powering up more Smoke in the future myself. I've got HUGE faith in this platform and want to invest early.

Till next time, keep smoking

  • Todd

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Thumbs up!
And thank you for the step-by-step process!


Hope it helps my friend. Have a good day =)

Lord knows I'm ditching that failboat, thanks for the tip. I was going to use binance but last I checked transfers were suspended for steem, so this is helpful.


Glad it helped. I'll stay on Steemit but I agree this place is a breathe of fresh air bro. Unreal


Hah, tried it just now, I think I figured it out. I may have made a trade or two that were unnecessary once I saw how the market system works, but oh well.


A few trades won't kill you, I did the same thing. Did you get it all down in the end ? Maybe I should of added pics of that part. I'm sorry about that my friend. @trees


Oh, no worries my friend. What tripped me up was I think I traded steem for open.BTC when I could have gone straight to BTS then to smoke? I think? Bitshares is pretty cool though, glad you introduced me to it.


If you need any addition help let me know, I'll give you t he 411 =)

Did you know there's even a simpler way for step one? Just use blocktrades through your Steemit wallet. Go to the wallet page, click the arrow next to the asset you want to convert in BTS, then select "sell", which will open another tab with the blockshares page. You will then have on the left the steem asset preselected, for which you will need to manually enter the amount you wish to convert, then on the right, by default, will be ethereum. Just change ethereum to bitshares (not open bts) and then beneath that input your bitshares wallet address. Then click "get deposit address". No memo is required. You will then need to authorize the transaction through steemconnect, with either your active or master key. The transfer is almost instantaneous. As simple as that! After that, proceed to step 2... ;)


I agree blocktrades is a simple tool to use but it charges high fees for that! Over 5% in some cases.

Are those your buds in the photo?