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8 months ago

covermag_630x360.5a95aaabbbee9.jpg is just a baby new born on the blockchain scene but is already blowing away other systems in terms of user support and curation. I'm completely blown away from the manual curation and interaction on the blockchain and I hope it grows in the future !

The developers of this really seem to put curation first, Smoke Power holds a lot of weight and recharges fairly quickly. This allows a lot of curation to content on the Smoke.i blockchain, giving growth to it's members and a solid base for the blockchains future.


I've jumped on a few other projects and I respect all of them but something about feels pure, clean and fresh. The active CEO, developers, witnesses, content creators and everyday users make one of the best projects I've experienced.

Let's keep working together and make stand the test of time. Keep pushing content curation and interations outward and make the system stand out from the crowd !

Till next time. keep smoking

  • Todd

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Totally agree. I'm amazed at how smoothly everything is running already and I'm loving curating quality content.


100% my friend. It's amazing to see it all happen from day 1. I see good things in the future of

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Sorry, got a tad lazy on the text. Can't win them all

Marijuana connects😎


Yes it does my good friend ! =)

Smoke community is growing fastly and curation work is also doing great job.


Loving the growth and interaction. Thank you for checking out the post !

Lets build this baby so big that we will be able to lobby Governments around the would to drop their idiotic laws against cannabis. Bong on bro. :-)


100% BONG BRO ! I agree, building the foundation and keeping is pure is key !