What to do with wet weed?

2 years ago

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With water everywhere, your weed can get wet.

What can you do if your weed gets wet?

Can you smoke wet weed?

Definitely, no.

In its damp form, cannabis will not even catch fire. You just can’t vape it.

Nevertheless, worry not in case your weed gets wet. You can bring back your buds to life! In this article, we explore how to dry wet weed.

There is only one thing you need in the process of drying your wet marijuana: patience.

Honestly, it can’t be forced to dry. It might take a few days, but be sure that your bud will be back to its smokeable quality. The following are some of the methods you can use to dry your weed.

Paper Method

  1. The first thing you can do once your weed gets wet is to put it in a brown paper bag or paper towel.

  2. Place the paper towel in a dry and dark place; if possible make sure that there is an air circulation in the room. You can put a dehumidifier or fan if you have one.

  3. In every couple of hours, make sure that you turn your wet stash and replace the paper towel.

  4. Always, check for mold every time you turn your weed.

Rice Method

  1. Put the wet weed in a jar and fill it with rice

  2. Let the jar sit and uncovered for 24 hours

  3. Remove the wet weed and check for mold

  4. Ensure there is an air circulation in the room to prevent mold

  5. When the weed looks fairly dry, break the nugs

  6. Use the paper towel method again for some hours to remove residual moisture

What to avoid when your weed gets wet

It’s undeniable that you’ll get tempted to try quicker ways in order to dry your wet weed.

You may go to an extent of using a dryer, microwave, or even oven on low. Some may also put in the sun for a few hours.

Not all these methods are advisable because they can devalue your weed; they will degrade the trichomes, and burning off the herbs THC count as well as other cannabinoids that are present. It will also make your weed less pleasant to smoke.

Therefore, exercise patience and avoid shorter ways involving heat and light.

Moldy Weed

When drying your weed, you need to be cautious of mold. If a mold develops, then that’s the end as you’ll have no option but to throw it away.

Smoking a weed with some molds is bad for your health. Another thing to be cautious of is how your weed got wet. If you dropped your Marijuana in the sea, don’t even bother drying it because smoking a salt is not a good idea. In case you dropped it into a swimming pool, avoid it as well because of the pool chemicals it might have retained.

However, if you dropped it in a potable water, it’s salvageable and you can still enjoy puffing your weed.

Use a paper or rice method as recommended and you’ll be good!

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Great post! I learned new methods from this 👍👍👍

Thanks! Relatable mistakes made.

Wow... Interesting review man, I love this and I'm learning...

One Love

: / It would be really sad if the weed gets wet!
but it was good to learn how to bring him back to life!
I'm grateful for that :)

Good tips best is to likely keep that shit dry at all times. it is your weed man. But the paper towel one is likely most common used.

Wow, I've often throw mine away once it gets wet, what more can I say. Thanks so much, keep promoting the community!!

Well after I finished wiping away the tears... I'd be in a frantic state to get some rice in the jar (just like when your cell phone gets wet).

Once we did have some bud rot/mold but luckily it was one of the first crops I grew... it was a loss. lesson learned... real quick