The Future Of Marijuana

2 years ago

I’m definitely not a seer. Everything I will be revealing here are predictions; It might and might not happen, but with the way things are going, it’s easy to predict what the future holds. Last year, Merry Jane news made five predictions for the future of weed and some are happening already. Before Jane made the predictions, there were Marijuana dating apps and liquid marijuana drugs. It was easier to predict its legalization. That’s one of the predictions she got right, lots of countries has legalized marijuana. Now I’m adding to this, marijuana will be legalized all over the world. That’s one prediction I’m sure of; that’s what the future holds for weed.

According to Merry Jane, there might be hotbox self driving cars but I don’t see this happening. If perhaps marijuana is legalised, it wouldn’t be encouraged when driving. Well another thing that might happen in her predictions is allowing marijuana in public. Legalizing it is one thing, smoking or using it in public is another thing. There might be marijuana made foods as menus in eateries. That would be great, right? People mix weed with foods in their respective homes and hiding places, but once it’s legalized all over the world, having it in eateries and restaurants wouldn’t be surprising. Imagine walking into a restaurant and asking for rice and chicken with weed stew. It might apply to sausages too; weed pie and a weed roll.

How about a place set aside for smoking pots? Just as there’s a phone boot for making calls, public toilets where you can pass out faeces, or a public stand or seat where people can sit to wait for someone or relax. It wouldn’t be ideal for people to smoke marijuana while working or pollute the surroundings with it. There might be special places built in streets. Marijuana users would sit down there and take down their stuff. How the place would be built will depend on the country’s plan. But I see a future where this will be implemented.

A place for marijuana in streets wouldn’t be enough. There are times you might need at work, and it wouldn’t be polite to take it when working or during your leisure time. In fact, there’s no possible place to use in taking it. Most addicts still use the toilets though; fear of getting caught. Once it’s legalized, companies might build a place or a room to meditate or vibe with your weed. The number of sticks to take might be limited, probably just a stick. There’s a slim chance if thus happening, but it’s still part of the things that might be implemented in the future.

I’m seeing a future where there will be stores selling marijuana legally - bars and hotels selling marijuana alongside the alcoholic drinks they are offering. Well, it’s rampant in some clubs and bars, but people are watchful when using it. When it gets legalized, weed might be arranged in bars same way they arrange the drinks. There are different kinds of weed too and you will be able to take your order. A particular type of weed and your favourite drink.

You might envision other things for marijuana, let’s hear you out!

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It's already a crystal clear future for MJ.

I hope so that you are right.
Would also be time.
Greetings from Germany

I hope you predictions come true my friend and quickly, It's killing me seeing all this crazy shit people are posting about and smoking, it's not fair, Lol. Thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)

I've actually been hearing from local city councils, that they need establishments where people can come smoke. There are so many places that have tons of weed available for legal purchase, but no designated place to smoke, so people go in alleys and behind buildings and such. I am starting to see these places pop up. And I think you are further correct that you will start seeing it for sale outside of despensaries. Some day, i will have a place where you can come in and order 3rd wave coffee and high quality cannabis together. I like the bar idea too. It's only a matter of time!

So far; the future is looking very good for the weed!