How to grow weed

2 years ago

You probably want to avoid people watching you anything you buy marijuana. Do you know you can actually grow or plant it yourself? This is something most marijuana smokers don’t know; many believed the things needed to make it to grow isn’t easy to find but guess what? You only need the seeds and your weed will be ready in months. Let me walk you through the steps.


  • After selecting the seeds needed to plant it, put them in a bowl of water. The seeds needs to sink into the water. Some of the seeds might sink immediately you put it in and some might float. Just place the bowl somewhere warm and wait till all the seeds gets sink into the water.

  • Pour the water containing the seeds on a paper or anything you can fold and keep. The seeds needs to stay dry. After placing it on the paper, fold it and put it in a box, cupboard or anywhere it’s going to absorb heat. Check back after 20 - 24 hours. The seeds will start having roots.

  • Now this is where the planting process begins. Get soils; especially the loamy soil. You can place it in a big bucket or use your yard. Just make sure you have soil and water for planting it. Take each seed without touching the root and place it in a hole you dug in the soil. The root should be placed into the hole while the seed shoots out. It’s just the same way you plant a maize or other fruits. After doing this, water it and ensure the soil is moist.

  • You don’t need to be an experienced farmer to grow weed. After watering it, do the next right thing by exposing it to sunlight. Plants needs water and sun to grow. After 24 to 48 hours, you should start seeing changes. Sprouts of the plant will come out. If you are growing your weed indoors, don’t expose the weed to HID lights for the first few weeks. You can start with fluorescents.

  • According to experts, it’s best the plant receives 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Once the soil gets dried, you need to water it! The soil needs to be wet always. Don’t do it too much though, let it dry up and then you water it. Once you start seeing the leaves sprout out, you are right on track.

  • If you were using a small bowl, you will need a bigger one as time goes on. All you need to do is get sand in the bigger bucket and transfer your plant alongside its sand into it. If it’s in a garden or compound, it’s big enough to grow already. The plant will grow to a stage where you will determine if it’s a male or a female flower.

  • Female flower is what you will need, that’s where the weed comes from. The male flowers are unwanted unless you need them for seeds. The male flowers always have a cluster of balls, it’s easy to recognize them. The females has a small clone with hair shooting out.

You keep watering, exposing the female plant to sunshine and observing the hours of darkness too till it gets ready for harvest.

Within one to three months, you should get your own ready made weed. I know a few community experts that are already doing this. If you want to learn more consider reaching out to @masterroshi

You can try this out and see and if you are an expert, don't forget to add some tips and tricks as comments to this post, I will love to read them...

Until we meet again…

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Interesting Boss.. Thanks for the sharing this. Will have to try it out, tired of buying shitty weeds

Wow, it seems very much easy to do now. I've never grown a weed before always relied on whatever I could get from dealers in the streets. Upsmoked and resmoked for my friends to see.

Wow...I Never knew
Thanks for this


Please can I get a discord link for smoke io

Outdoor is the best door. It is called weed for a reason. Of course it all depends on the climate and soil, but if it is summer, go with the flow, just toss seeds and give it watter. Nature will do the rest.

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Wait ... WTF ? Your link takes me to a Rifle Ad ?

Are you stoned ?


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I am growing hemp (10% CBD) in my back yard. Trying to.... seem to be failing according to experts


Nice.. you should write about it and teach us how you go about with the growing...


Actually. It is the 1st time trying to grow my own, .... I do not know what I am doing. I am posting my photos for help and I get comments telling me it’s rotting .... so I don’t want to write stuff and pretend to be an expert especially when I am failing.... . I am here looking for expert help.


I wrote that comment, you should treat your plant like any other. You do not want rot on your plant. Look online for some easy tips, is it dying? Did the rain cause it to mold? Is it finished growing and ready to harvest?. Every annual plant has a grow time, even hemp.


Ok... yes we had a lot of rain and a sudden hard frost... I chopped it down yesterday and trimmed all the brown leaves. I will look for some hemp guidance on YouTube.