AfiaBot can now be installed on all discord servers by community managers

2 years ago

All community managers can now install AfiaBot on their servers. AfiaBot is a notification bot for Smoke.

Finally, discord communities for Whaleshares and Smoke can now install Afiabot on their servers.

Going forward there will be no need to join the main AfiaBot server again, if you are aready on a server that has the bot installed.

Community managers : How to install AfiaBot on your server

  1. Setup a channel called register-afiabot this is where your community members will register to get their secret link sent to them.
  2. Install AfiaBot via this link
  3. You are all set

Community members : How to register

  1. Make sure AfiaBot is installed on the server or ask your community manager to install it.
  2. Go to the channel for registration register-afiabot
  3. Type the command $register afiabot
  4. AfiaBot will send you a secret link via DM
  5. Click on the link to configure your settings
  • Remember to pin your secret link for easy access in the future. *

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actually what will did this bot?instruction link pls.

I'm happy to take Afiabot to my server