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2 years ago

Hi Smoke Fam,

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving day and a black friday(Hope you didn't spend too much money for the sake of discount, haha).

After a good week, here is the weekend. And my husband ( @betgames) and I are so glad to have found this place. So we thought we could just show that love on a whiteboard.

Neither of us are big artists. We just smoked a bowl of racefuel OG and got enough motivation to sketch something from our heart, lol.

I did the sketching and my husband did the editing and digital video portion.

Below is how it started:


Below is how I finished it:


Please don't judge me for my art ability, lol. I'm not a great artist.

Hey, one more update:

We have accepted to become the beta testers for pWP project. We finally got the Raspberry Pi 3 B + for testing the pWP project by @bbq-iguana and @ceruleanblue . We have set up two servers already. One is current active witness server and another is backup witness server.

Now the aim of pWP is to switch from active witness server to back up witness server whenever there is a server failure/witness node failure on active witness node.

We are yet to set up the Raspberry Pi. My husband will set it up tomorrow and get in touch with team bHIVE to perform Beta Testing.

One of our aim as a witness is to make sure the witness node runs smoothly and doesn't miss many blocks. So we always support who support smoke.io . We are very glad to be part of team bHIVE as testers for this project and a big thanks to @bbq-iguana and @ceruleanblue to help us be on track with these kind of top class projects.

Below is the package, we are yet to open:

Wish you all a great weekend, keep smoking!

We are a witness on smoke.io( @betgames) if you think we can spread joy here and support community, please consider voting for “betgames” as witness .

if you decide to support, visit https://smoke.io/~witnesses and vote for @betgames

Upsmoke --- Resmoke --- Follow -- Support witness for @betgames


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Someone is going to have a busy weekend.


Haha, I guess so 😄

Awesome.... subscribed to your YouTube Channel.


Thank you 😊

awesome, resmoked


Thank you dear :)