Why you should be proud of being a part of SMOKE.io family?

2 years ago

Hi dear smokers,

I don't make many posts on smoke.io, as me and my wife are more into reading your posts and curating and giving you some motivation back while you fill us with joy via your various posts. Be it about variety of buds, pipes , joints , growing weed or may be some arts, and latest news on Cannabis we enjoy all of them. Because you put in effort to share something with the community and promote some positive vibe about this community.

Btw I'm in States and so I'm not sharing the picture of my joy, I'm smoking(Hush! Hush!). It's just a cigar you Mr. FBI! lol!!!

I have spent most of my life working for someone else(apart from my small store), and still I do. But working in a tech industry for someone else has one problem. They don't care about you the moment something bad happens to you and you are unable to work more!

Then I started my journey on Crypto world buying some tokens here and there. But really I couldn't find a reason to stick with Crypto world, apart from the huge volatile nature of it and with some hope of making a few bucks in a hope to retire within next few years and start something of my. own. That was one of the reason I started my journey on steemit as well. Initially there was some motivation , However, it faded as the platform wasn't having a clear direction and the community was split in different pieces, so there was very less interaction. Again, I didn't feel welcomed by the steemit platform even at this point. There are many reason for it, which I wouldn't speak at this point as we all know about it.

Then I saw someone posted about smoke.io on steemit and my inner soul woke up when I arrived at this platform. We didn't reveal anywhere that we were cannabis as we often visit places which aren't legalized for cannabis and we stay there for long duration. So we never had interest in Social Media's like Facebook, Twitter etc. As most of the time when you share these things, some people point fingers at you, some people demotivate you and those centralized social medias are not just right for keeping our soul happy.

When I found SMOKE.IO , I found people with similar interests, I found people who are warm and welcoming in nature, and make you feel like part of their family member. I found people raising voice for medical and recreational Marijuana legalization, I also found people willing to help each other without expecting something in return. I hardly see these in a tech industry. I felt loved and received warm welcome from every smoker I met here. My wife who has depression issue, found this place to be very useful as she now get to listen to other womens who go through similar anxiety issues. And she too received warm welcome from the community. We often talk about people we met on smoke.io when we have a relaxing dabbing session in the evening after work.

This platform is already enriched with people from technical expertise background to help us make our stay warm and comfortable with their brilliant ideas and tools. There are many more useful tools to come in future. The opportunity here is immense and every talented smoker is working hard to make our life easier.

Why is smoke.io my family? And why should you be proud of being a part of it?

  • I never thought I would be a witness on smoke.io, until I saw a motivational and informative post by @jrswab . Me and my wife sat together and learnt the process and now we are one of the top 20 witness, all thanks to this community and lovely people over here. Check out his posts if you also want to be a witness

  • There is @skylinebuds who keeps interesting contest to promote smoke.io and keep engaging the users of platform and encourages them with his humble personality. Checkout his posts to have some fun and earn some smokes!

  • There is @bbq-iguana and @ceruleanblue who makes sure witness don't go off the track with their weekly status update on witness , and also they are building something amazing to make life of a witness much easier and also helping us not to miss the blocks so that we can keep the blockchain running smooth. If you are already a witness, become a Alpha tester today and learn a lot from these talented minds.

  • There is @priceola , one of the motivational guy and manages lot of admin work for Smoke.io

  • There is @tecnosgirl , who is a wonderful women with lot of passion for what she does here on smoke.io and outside as well. Go through her posts, you will love it :)

  • There is @smokeasaurusrex makes sure we have some interesting projects going on and also a talented photo-shoot expert, and is very welcoming guy :)

  • There is @curationbro helping all the newbies and the existing users with his curation process

  • There is @trees , one of the technical experts and most active user on Smoke.io and discord , is there to help you anytime you want to(unless he is taking a nap, lol)

  • There is @bongripper427 , @graylan, @samsiedenstrang and many more who keeps the discord channel energized with their amazing interaction skills and doesn't hesitate to help you out when needed.

  • There is @indica , who makes sure no one feels alone in this community, who actively participates in all the discussion and keeps motivating

  • There is @baabeetaa , one of the humble and most talented developer who made this platform possible in technical aspect, and always ready to help you when needed.

  • There is @stoner , Founder of this platform, down to earth stoner, provides you a warm welcome and listens to your requests and makes every effort to keep this community thriving with his good karma.

  • Well, then there is one obvious person who motivates me my whole life is also an integral part of this community, that's my wife @bgw

  • Then there is you, who is reading this post, ready to be part of this amazing community and contribute to make this place a heaven for all cannabis.

So you can proudly say I'm part of SMOKE.io and I'm a proud family member of cannabis community.

I thank my lord for making me part of this community. I will be always trying to make every effort to contribute to this place as I consider this as my own family.

I'm emotional always when I'm high. So I apologize if I missed out your name, each and every one of you are important here. Let's spread the love and also awareness about importance of legalizing Cannabis around the globe.

Slow and Steady wins the race. Let's start with tiny little baby steps and keep working towards building a strong, positive and bigger smoke community together.

If you believe me and my wife can be of value to smoke.io , please vote for us:

with witness name : betgames

Have a good night! And Stay Stoned!

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I saw on Discord that you'd mentioned an 'emotional post' that you'd written and came over to see :) ...... it's very warm, and reflects back the sentiment you say you have received from the platform. It's certainly early days for Smoke, and, having experienced the Steem blockchain, it's very refreshing to have organic interaction without automation.

I have voted for your and @bgw's witness, although I forget what prompted me to LOL. I fill up my slots as and when I come across witnesses, or accounts of witnesses that appeal to me. You positioning here sounds great, I'm happy to have cast my vote in your direction.

Good luck 🔆


Thank you and that means a lot to us :) Wish you a wonderful day and a happy thanksgiving day in advance 😃


great words! congrats and go on!

Very Nice Post. Smoke on!

today my first day on smoke, beautiful network, your post photography is awesome, my native language is greek, can i write in greek here


Thank you @marry-sophia. I guess you can write in greek , I'm not sure if the text editor supports that. However, you can try.

However, if you do write in greek I may have to use google translator to understand your post , haha :)

Very inspiring post, voted for your witness!


Thank you buddy 🙌🌿

Man that was a joyful read (wipes away tears:)
It's bloody awesome you have found your soil bet.
Proud to be here and stoked for the future.
Witness voted for man.
Good luck and God Bless.


Thank you brother 😊

Its a great communuity!


No doubt about that, it definitely is one. We just need to put consistent effort as we grow , it will be tough task to maintain this intensity and positive vibes when the users increase , but isn’t impossible :)

Do i have to post on weeds regularly here? i really don't smoke it but use it in food and tea.


Hello @captainphilips,

I have few thoughts here. This platform is exclusively designed for cannabis and help increase awareness about this community while keeping the users privacy intact as this is based on block chain and decentralized network.

For your question, I have following opinion:

  1. Do you have to post on weeds regularly? - No , you can post about food and tea on which you use weed
  2. Can you post other information unrelated to cannabis? - Yes, however you need to keep in mind that this community's main idea is to support and promote cannabis, so going out of topic may not bring attention of other users and may not serve the purpose of this platform. However, no one will/or no one can stop you from posting anything that's your own. That's where the power of blockchain comes as its decentralized. But again, try your best to keep the interest of readers of your blog in mind as majority of readers are cannabis here. But feel free to share that's interesting and that may share some useful information/happiness/ideas etc.
  3. Definitely you can post about weeds used in foods/ cannabis infused tea's etc.

Another important point: everything above what I said is just my personal opinion, you are free to do what you want, as long as you don't plagiarize content(don't copy others content).

Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving day buddy :)

Wow. Those were truly beautiful and motivating words. So so true everything you said from the first letter to the last. I feel the same as you. Other platforms are not very much welcoming for smokers and as someone living in a hush hushzone of the world that is also quite strict with its rules about cannabis I love and enjoy the positivity of this platform. Facebook is getting on my nerves and I only keep it to keep in touch with friends far away, and Instagram is good but not as much interesting as Smoke. Because it allows me to meet people of similar passions and equal love for cannabis and its potential. I belive this platform is the future and will beat out all other platforms one day. I spend a lot of time here and visit every chance to see if something new and interesting has been posted for me to read. Seeing all those people united trough the love of one plant shows me that there is sti hope for our causes and dreams. We all will keep on fighting. Also, you got my vote.


Thank you @zuculuz :-)

Thanks for the mention though everyone spells my name wrong. LOL there is no h. Anywho I love smoke.io it is home.


Oops, sorry! I just corrected it, hahah :D



Thank you broskies! 😃😃

What an awesome, soul bearing post. I do agree this community is very warm and welcoming. I hope it stays that way as the platform becomes larger.


Thank you :) And yes, it will, my dear buddy. And let’s do what we can to keep this an open , welcoming and a positive energy environment for years to come , from our end (even if it’s little effort to make all hardworking cannabis on this platform stay happy is worth the effort)

Splendid people you mentioned in here. Will have to give them a follow and maybe engage in the discord server more.
I can agree that this is a great community is most of the people support each other and have positive feedback on each other's posts and thoughts.

I just hope that smoke. IO will not turn into another steam clone there is just here for the bots and quick bucks.


At this point as far as I know every witness and whale here in this community is against any automated voting bots. Because it essentially removes the quality content and replaces it with contents of those who can afford to buy votes. So I’m completely against bid bots or anything that will have degrading effect on this place. As long as we all make sure greediness doesn’t come into picture , we will be going very well in years to come!

And good to hear from you buddy :-) have a wonderful day and a great thanks giving day tomorrow!

Smoke on!!!


Smoke on, Stay stoned! 😃

sir, why do I get flags from you? I dont spam and plagiarize. Whats up? It doesnt really bothers me but at least I should know


lol, when did I flag you? I never flagged anyone so far in smoke.io!!


oops... sorry, I thought youre @indica. Why is your post in his wall?


Because smoke.io provides a feature called “Resmoke” , using which if you like someone’s post you can share it with your followers to spread the word.


I got flagged by this @indica guy for no reason. I made a post about his flaggings and i swear, all my contents are mine and I dont spam neither they are harmful