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the photo is of Shanti, topDawg as well as poet. She likes to be involved and tends to find a way of inserting herself into my posts as and when she pleases. Ain't much I can do about it!

This is a follow-up to my stated intention to promote in Scotland, where I live. In this post I would like to gather together some general information that I have come across, and to provide links to various sources of information for anyone who may have similar ideas or intentions, and who may therefore find it useful.

I welcome comments and feedback, corrections and suggestions. I have compiled this with the intention of it potentially being used by anyone anywhere in the promotion of I have used ideas and words from various sources, including 'official' promo stuff, as well as stuff that other Smokers have posted. I have also linked some relevant materials that I have found fascinating and educational - around the subjects of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. The information and the slant of my presentation of it will of course reflect my view to a certain extent. This I think is desirable as I'm better off presenting something in the manner that I understand it. Authenticity, rather than a sales-job is the approach I prefer, it is also much less stressful. Part of life on the blockchain is that there are few rules, few guidelines, few set ways of doing anything. This – for me anyway – represents a wonderfully creative opportunity to discover what lies ahead, and to step forth in an open-source manner. I'm not offering anything definitive, I know that what I have laid out here is quite basic. I'm just setting out on this journey myself, willing to learn and adapt as I go along.

I should add that I am not affiliated with anyone or any group, I'm a loner-stoner lol. This is my own personal initiative, which I will continue as long as I feel good about it, along the lines laid out in my previous post on the subject. I'm open to wherever the flow of this may take me and, apart from anything else, it is a real pleasure to be of service to the Spirit of The Magic Herb, She who has given me so much comfort, pleasure and support 🕉!

Sources, Blurbs and Resources:

  • a social network for cannabis users on the blockchain
  • an incentivised, distributed blockchain for the cannabis community. It rewards users in cryptocurrency for creating and curating high quality content including images, articles, cannabis strains and dispensary reviews
  • a decentralised (censor-free) social-media platform where content creators (like you and me) receive the generated value of words, video, art, music, poetry, photography, original ideas and all forms of self-expression
  • has been cloned from the Steem blockchain which has been going since June 2016 and has an evolving ecosystem of interconnected applications with well over 1 million accounts and growing. The success of Steem is a model for, which will have the added advantage of being able to learn from mistakes and wrong turns
  • is only a couple of months old. This is an excellent opportunity to be an early adopter
  • currently (November 2018) 2.2k registered accounts, with 40k unique visitors in October, averaging 2000 unique visitors per day
  • Smoke Pitch Deck - official promotional material:
  • press page with links to news and stories around
  • roadmap:
  • a perspective on from the founder, @stoner
    Stoner's intro post:
    Stoner's interview with @jah:
  • Smoke Network - Official Trailer (HD)

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

  • decentralised, no control, no censorship. It is about taking responsibility for oneself; being one's own banker; there is no nanny to look after passwords
  • immutable and transparent. Content cannot be deleted; everything is pubic; voices cannot be silenced; 'proof' is timestamped in a manner that cannot be tampered with
  • immense potential for individual empowerment - removes need and function of middlemen and central authorities - it is Trustless
  • user-controlled networks; swift peer-to-peer transactions with zero (or very low) fees or transaction costs;
  • 8 Benefits of Blockchain to Industries Beyond Cryptocurrency :
  • two informative presentations on the blockchain in clear terms, by Grampo (on Steem)
    (1) Open Social Platform :
    (2) Distributed Blockchains - More Important Than The Internet :
  • Quiet Before The Storm - 48 minute talk by DollarVigilante (Steem), in which he draws a clear and very high-level picture of the current state of play in the crypto-world; the inside and outside forces acting on it; how this may play out in the near future (what it means). This stuff is fascinating, and it is IMO, of practical importance to us - the early adopters who already have one foot or more in the door!
  • The Bitcoin Psyop: - the key word is decentralised; banks, govts. and other 'Control' structures will issue their own cryptocurrencies/blockchains and present them as new; but these are centralised and controlled; part of the old game, the old tricks! Discernment is required not to fall for the FUD.
  • a radical way of looking at the blockchain - "An Open Source Intelligence Networking Terminal; a universal postal system; a system of social security" : esoteric, insightful, fascinating, high-level and no bullshit discussions around using and perceiving the blockchain in new and empowering ways, by Frankbacon (on Steem). (second starts at 15mins , third at 1hr 04mins)

Any artwork or output created by me and placed on the blockchain is available for anyone to use freely and without requiring attribution or further permission. My only statement in this regard is that I do not sanction any 'use' that includes the energies of violence, prejudice, conflict. I cannot control this and will not define it. I simply and unilaterally withdraw my energy, and the energy of creation which flowed through me, from all such endeavours.

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This is awesome! I just jumped over here from steemit, and this is a fabulous sum-up of what this project is and answers a lot of my questions in an easy fashion. Thank you for writing it and see you around!


Thanks for stopping by and saying so 🔆 - see you around :)

Great information. Reposted.


Many thanks @smokeyjay001 🔆

Great, will be copying and pasting some of that 😊 Love the loner-stoner part.


Nice one, really pleased to hear! He he, thanks Paco 🔆

This is so very helpful! Thank you for putting it together!


Love that you find it so - this is great reward and pleasure for me! 🔆

Am impressed, well composed and detailed. Good to have people like you onboard. You are doing amazingly well.



Wow this is amazing, wish i could reward you more.

Coming along nicely! Cool cover, too much information to digest right now ... stopping by for a comment which will help me find it later ;)


*Looks great! Keep up the great work! :)

I love the way you've explained things with such detail and even cited where you've gotten a lot of the info! Resmoked for visibility! :)


Thanks for the encouragement HH, and for the resmoke and the visit 🔆 🔆 🔆

def going to share this on my facebook! I hope the cannabis community is excited about smoke. It's about time there was a FAIR blockchain platform.


Thanks, that's great! I kinda wanted to gather together info in a broad but general manner, a starting point for rabbit-holing and exploring. I think there is great potential for getting out and about amongst stoners, especially with the new wave of legalisation that is spreading as well as the dissatisfaction with centralised systems in social media and other realms. Be very interesting to see where we are in a year's time, even 6 months!

Will be adding resources and links under this thread:

Legal Marijuana by Classified... from @canada's post


Blockchain vs. Bullshit: Thoughts on the Future of Money

"In this 30 min talk "Blockchain vs. Bullshit - Thoughts on the Future of Money," Andreas outlines the necessary criteria that will help you distinguish blockchains from bullshit, and why the goal of developing this technology should not be "banking the unbanked" but rather de-banking all of us."


A Guide to Etiquette on the Smoke blockchain Etiquette; Posting and Smoking by @graylan