Intention To Promote In Scotland (Inception)

2 years ago

Hi all,

I'm not long on, but I've got almost a year's worth of blockchain experience on Steem. I'm in, and I'm confident that Decentralised Blockchaining is going to be a BIG part of the future and in many more respects than just social media. I have had - as we all probably have, mixed success with promoting these revolutionary and empowering concepts to a world still locked into the scarcity mindset and the perception that they have no choice but to 'play along' with the bankster-controlled system. For the most part folk don't believe it could be real, they dismiss such talk as hot air, however politely they may do so. I have on-boarded a few folk to the Steem blockchain, but I have never taken the idea to strangers and the public at large in the manner of a promotion. This is something I would like to do with regard to

Having thought about it a little, will probably be easier to promote than Steem because the weed connection already exists as an experiential foundation on which to introduce concepts like decentralised social media and cryptocurrency generation to those who already smoke and wish to see pot legalised. Stoners may not have heard of 'the blockchain', but we are an alternative lot, and open to alternative ideas. I can imagine the notions of empowerment and other potentialities of the Blockchain being well received. Besides, now is an excellent time to draw people's attention to alternatives to the centralised tyrants of Fakebook, PooTube, Twatter and Giggle :P.

I've only just started considering that I might actually get off my bum and do this. The idea is as yet rather unformulated, I would like to kinda make it up as I go along without limiting myself to specific plans and targets, other than general directions of intent. I don't enjoy working to plans and schedules and I am also periodically afflicted by a profound and debilitating sense of futility with regard to everything, which renders me incapable of social interaction and utterly saps my motivation. I therefore find it best to make no promises, hereby setting out my intentions only.


This is the general layout of what I would like to do:
  • prepare some materials to use to promote (using existing materials and stuff I'll make myself), including artwork and the basis of a presentation (I will learn as I go along)
  • find human points of contact within the legalisation and other weed-friendly communities; visit shops and businesses that deal in CBD or hemp (ie the little trickle of 'legal' that exists in the UK)
  • initially I would just improvise: speak one-to-one to gauge and raise interest, and to look for contacts so that I can begin to network and attend meetings or meetups in order to present and the revolutionary possibilities of blockchain life
  • present to individuals and groups and, if the whole thing works (and I continue to feel good about it), to widen the field
  • to do the above in the spirit of the blockchain itself – with transparency and openness. In this scenario, I would directly document the process as (and when, and if lol) it happens. I would do this by posting to a kind of reporting and feedback loop informing subsequent steps as they unfold. The cycle of blogging and earning crypto would be of course be my reward/compensation, but it would also be a proof-of-concept that I could use to demonstrate to the people I was introducing these concepts to! This form of blog project documentation could therefore, in time, become a dynamic part of the presentation itself.


  • nothing comes out of a vacuum. Any materials and ideas are born of work and thinking that others have done. For example @easyrider who has been an excellent source of tips and information for me, made the following comment which sowed a seed:

    I then came across @jah's post Interview with @stoner, who is the founder of, and containing lots of information that I can use for spreading the word. I've also seen various cannabis art posts by @li-art, @tecnosgirl, @haze, including promo-art they have produced. These and other people have provided me with encouragement and inspiration. Thank you 🔆
  • As the this project takes shape, I will of course gladly and gratefully integrate feedback into the flow. Input and suggestions are most welcome
  • Any artwork or output created by me and placed on the blockchain is available for anyone to use freely and without attribution. My only statement in this regard is that I do not sanction any 'use' that includes the energies of violence, prejudice, conflict. I cannot control this and will not define it. I simply and unilaterally withdraw my energy, and the energy of creation which flowed through me, from all such endeavours.

At this stage of 'in theory' and inception, I'm feeling positive about promoting

Thanks for reading


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I hope to see the Smoke rise up in the Scottish Ranks! :D

Legalize worldwide!

Keep up the good work, together as a worldwide community we can do big things :)


Hi @stoner, a great pleasure to meet you for the first time in person - Thank YOU 🔆

Awesome to see you get well into this now! Yep; steem if you’ve been there a year you’ve done well, it’s tough. Right here and now if it grows some size comparable to just 1/3 of steem, and smoke token is trading around, cannabis industry are buying SMOKE to promote and be big here ... and we were among the first ... crazy good feeling about this.


Thanks Easy, certainly seems up for playing the role and the stoner population of the world ain't decreasing :) - I love having got in so early, there's a great earthy vibe here. I share that crazy good feeling bro!


facebook is where the stoner community currently communicates, it would be great to attract them here away from that data trap


Hey yes indeed! In fact I've actually revived an old Fakebook account in order to have some interaction with the weed-friendly communities. All the active local groups seem to have a presence there and not other 'accessible' places :( ...... I'd hope that people can be attracted away from there once they become aware of an alternative (and if they are not put off by superficialities, such as the simplicity of the UI).

Welcome to the community, I’m glad we have another experienced person here and that is with all due respect to the new people, because we need them too. However, I gave you a follow and an upvote. I encourage you to be active on this platform.


Thanks very much indeed @freetheweed. I'm finding smoke very refreshing somehow - the simplicity of the UI; the niche aspect which perhaps makes it feel genuine and approachable. I'm also going through some steem-blues atm lol. I like it here and if I can get going with the intentions laid out above, it'd be a great way of getting me to interact with the world again. Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement, I'll see you around 🔆

Thats great promoting smoke is the only way by which the platform can soar more higher and beat the existing platforms....
Anyhow let take smoke.oi to the moon
smoke to the moon


Hey @cephas and thank you! However, just to say that personally I don't see it as a competition against other platforms. I think is pretty niche and stoners and psychonauts will naturally gravitate here if exposed to it and if they have the experience of seeing it done and the benefits of decentralisation. Besides, IMO, there is Abundance and, once crypto rockets (ie next global financial crisis), this will become clear. It's the moon and the sun and the stars my friend :D


Anyhow when i said beat the existing platform talking in term of improvement ...
Whereas smoke is main for cannabis related content which make it stand out for stoners .

Amazing post, i welcome you onboard, keep doing the good work. Keep engaging, keep promoting, will keep an eye to get more update from you. Best of luck, followed.


Thank you @jessica, I've just seen your promo post and you've got some nice material, including soundbites for promoting smoke. Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you around 🔆

Awesome.... Smoke is spreading around the globe.


Soon to be rapidfire my friend!

See my promotional art series on my blog. Your post encouraged me a lot @barge


Thanks, I checked it out. I like the desi flavour ;-D



this is awesome, i hope to start promoting legalization here in Ghana after i get a better feel for the political climate. I tell all my pals about smoke but they arent content creators so they don't really see any use in it.

how would you go about attracting noncreators to the platform?

anyways im subscribed, these type of posts help inspire me to mobilize locally :)


Hi @masterroshi, my general plan is to gather and collate promo data together on smoke in a manner that can be used, customised and contributed to by all who wish. I'd hope that there would be something for you too, when you are ready to take it out onto the Golden Streets of Ghana :D. Thank you for encouraging me.

how would you go about attracting noncreators to the platform?

Hmm, I hadn't considered this and had to have a think about it. The answer that came to me is simply that I do not recognise anyone as non-creative, a non-creator! Sure people will claim it, but the angle I'd push (which is from my own experience on the Steem blockchain, which was the first time I'd ever blogged publicly) is that of self-expression (including one's own discovery of what one didn't know about oneself!!) in any of a number of different formats. Genuine and authentic self-expression, unhindered by censorship and rewarded in crypto, is the potential - any format whatsoever is acceptable and the newbie would always grow in confidence, skills and be able to adapt. The first step of getting on board would be their freewill choice, based on interest and curiosity being aroused. If I'm unable to sooth their fears in this regard, perhaps my own understanding is lacking or else their Being may be too deeply embedded in the Matrix. However, I think stoners will be a receptive bunch as we are kinda by default half-way along to the perimeters of the Control System :).

So I think I would simply (and gently) challenge the statement I can't do it. My approach is not to sell or to use any force or manipulation in order to bring people in.....the blockchain is all about empowerment and taking personal responsibility - no longer outsourcing decisions (great phrase this, picked up from @raz :).

Many thanks for stopping by 🔆