This Is Me Trying To Convince A Steemian To Join Smoke...FAIL

9 months ago


Also...My SP is really drained, so I will take a day off from voting to get it back to normal. See you soon!

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I can buy through bitshares just fine, presumably I could sell just fine if I wanted to.
And this community is fucking awesome, fuck the haters.

They're just angry we actually have something to talk about.

Doesn't sound like someone who can be reasoned with, next!

Yeah. This is why I spend all day trying to get Smoke listed on the Exchanges.

This guy will be screaming FUCK FUCK FUCK when smoke takes off and leaves the STEEM cannabis community behind.

These are also the same people who don't know how steem was at the start.

This guy will be screaming FUCK FUCK FUCK when smoke takes off and leaves the STEEM cannabis community behind.
I agree fully with you and this is the reason why I will power down my 5000 steem power soon to invest in Smoke.

EDIT: if he pays the 1 -5 btc we can get listed any where

Haha not all fellow steemians will understand :)


Well said.
I tried to bring some steemians here and the result was negative !!!

Poor guy doesn't know he can trade his SMOKE for BTS and then cash it out in many different ways.


I tried to find smoke on rudex, can you tell which one is the right one or link me.

never mind got it. Time to buy some more smoke :)


I buy on and use the BTS/SMOKE pair.

Reading the comment from ackza I could only think about this :D

:D :D :D

you'r last tag 😂

Ackza just being Ackza.

He knows no shit. I bet he doesn't know CMC.

Y'all need a tea, not coca colas xD


Yes, you need that l-theanin in your body! :)

I had beefs with @aczka before. He is not a stable person:)

Btw just followed you on steemit as well.

I drunk coca cola for 2 years, and I think some changes is needed. By the way, I start to like fanta ( smoke ) more than coca cola ( steem ).
Thanks for sharing this.

Wow. Ackza on Crackza. lol

what the fuck this ackza guy is talking. This is just typical hater. Its just a retarded hate speech. If someone love weed for sure he will come there. Haters gonna hate. And we gonna grow!

Ackza isnt a steemian but a dope|meth|crack addict. He cant be reasoned with.

This guy is very funny....
The way he keep shouting fuckk self is annoying
Later he will be among those that will come and be shouting if i had know i would have join earlier

Maybe this fellow has not so much inquired enough to know the beauties in smoke. He concluded too early about smoke, I hope he would'nt regret later.

Maybe he hasn't got any nuggitz to share!! :D