The Feeling Of Knowing You Will Earn Great Curation Rewards On A Great Post

2 years ago

Voting after at least 15 minutes after a post has been posted is a great time for doing so to earn great curation rewards.

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The post is by @curationbro, and you can read it here:

It's a great guide for newbies on SMOKE.

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Hhahah, and that feeling when nobody has voted before you.


Haha yes :D

This Tip of upvoting after 15mins is worth a million @arsenal49 @curationbro thanks again man for the infor


Pas de problem :)

Yeah that's true in first 15 minutes the vote gives more reward to the author. Thank you for your support :D


No problem :)

I wait 30m 👍


Maybe I should wait 30 min too, but I want to vote before you ofcourse ;)

good smoke

today my first day on smoke, beautiful network, your post photography is awesome, my native language is greek, can i write in greek here