The Community Reward Pool

9 months ago

Short post incoming!

I was just having this idea of a community reward pool. The reward pool is made by a single post everyday, where all the SP gained from it will go into a reward pool. Then the reward pool will be split between three authors. These three authors are authors who are credited for their original content with great quality. It's a bit like the OCD project that @acid has on Steemit, but just with one big reward pool.

Why? Because it will motivate people to create original quality content.
Who should decide the three authors? No idea.
Who should run this project? No idea.

Let's make SMOKE a place where you compete about a community reward pool, instead of competing about getting the bigger votes from a bid-bot. The sooner this would start, the more impact would it have.

REMEMBER! This is just an idea, so let me know what you think in the comments.

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We already have a reward pool. If there are no bots, it's not needed to make an extra reward pool. But it might be fun as some kind of focussed author rewarding.


Yes, I know, but could be fun to do :)

I haven't looked at how to post via the commandline yet, but the option for 'benefactor' is most certainly there, it just needs a way of being utilized.
Then one could be all, "Yay, x% of this post goes to ${user} because ${reasons}" Or you wouldn't even have to list the person necessarily, let it be a surprise.

I've also considered what it would be like for a contest to heavily use the benefactor system so that the old winner gets the lionshare of the next post's rewards.

Or something I would be more likely to do, highlight a user and benefactor them 100% so that any revenue I would normally get via my e-fame would get transfered to them.

Optimally just having a 'benefactors' option under the post menu could do most of this. I know on steem there's an app that lets you do benefactors more easily, but they take 10%, and all it seems to take is a minor html edit. edit: or it requires comment options in the blockchain it seems.


I'm not quite following you. Could you explain it in another way?


If you're not familiar with 'benefactors' they're people that can take a % of a post payout.

So I'm just thinking that if you wanted to do a reward cache for people then you could basically set them as the benefactors and then it would be automatic when the post pays out. Wouldn't even need to make a transfer, the blockchain handles it.

Like if I was doing a recurring contest, I would set the first contest with no beneficiaries and get whatever I get. 2nd round of the contest I could set the 'beneficiary' as the winner of the first contest and set it to a percentage of the rewards.

For something like your idea, if you knew the 3 people you wanted to reward ahead of time, you could set the three of them as benefactors of 33% each.


That sounds like a cool feature! I would like to see that on Smoke.

I like the idea totally, you just need to find people to do it. And they can't be subjective and need to know how smoke and blockchains work..



great Idea
I am looking forward to it

It sounds like a fantastic Idea but we need to find someone who will be objective in choosing the authors.

Good deal! Thank you.