My Favourite Smoke User: @trees

9 months ago

"Inshallah. Oh jesus. Amen. Something in jewish" I don't know what words to use to describe what you are doing for this community! If you haven't seen/followed/rewarded or else one of @trees posts you better do it.. I don't know what the fuck you smoke, but thank you. You are really making this community feel alive. 750 posts already, and check out this great comment he/she did to help out a user. Don't know about the denzel tag, but Denzel Washington is badass, and you are aswell.

EDIT: My picture wouldn't add. So it's a pretty boring post. Check his/her comment here:

EDIT 2: I just realised how shit my posts are, and don't add a lot of value to the community, but I like it here, so you better live with it.

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Aw gosh, you guys are something else.
I smoke mostly Sativa, as I like to be able to see through time and space much like a Guild Navigator from 'Dune'. Or at least a Mentat from the same. The spice must flow!
I want this place to succeed down to my core.

@arsenal49, I've definitely seen you as a positive influence around here. I hope you do stick around, I value your opinion.

@skylinebuds won me over when we were plagiarism buddies. I don't hold his Canadianism against him, I hope one day the hostility between our nations will end.

@offgrid is like our lovable mascot. And not a racist one like a sports team mascot. At smoke cons, we should have an offgrid mascot so offgrid can take a photo with him, doppelgangers.

@ivan also seems like a good person mingling through the different groups, which is great. I love seeing him around.

@tecnosgirl is someone who I also respect. I like her posts and I generally agree with her opinions. If I was picking people to help mold the site then she would be one of my picks.

There's a ton of awesome people on the site already too many to name, also tons of awesome people that haven't even heard of it yet.

@trees is a great user here on smoke. Your right his comment shows it all.

@trees is a great contributor for
and For the new comers to smoke

He sure has helped me a lot. Makes some great T shirts too.

You can Vote for @trees as Witness here....