I went on a voting spree on @trees and @offgrid comments

2 years ago

I find that a lot of posts on Steemit nowadays is just posts, and not much interacting with the community. Therefore I find it extremely important to value people who actually takes time to read posts and write a comment. @trees and @offgrid are users who does that. @trees always seem to have read your whole post 14 times, and then end up leaving a great comment with thought behind. Therefore I went on a voting spree. I simply went to their accounts, went to comments, and voted on several comments, and I think I will continue to do that a couple of times pr. month, or maybe week. I might have upvoted some comments which were not of the best quality, but fuck it, every interaction between this community is worth something unless it's the classic Steemit comment: "nice post (insert retarded emoji). These two users are giving Smoke.io something so important, and we should value that now, before it's too late.

@trees and @offgrid. You rock.

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Thanks for the shout out and the votes! I appreciate it!
heh, I do normally try to get a good grasp of what the person was communicating before responding. Although I'm not too proud to get blazed and get absurd.
And have you ever heard of the robot9000 thing? As far as I understand it it keeps things from being reposted, like 'nice post' could only be posted once, and then after that people have to get more creative. I try to follow a similar standard where if all I've said is "me too!" then I should really just upvote whoever I'm agreeing with and move on.


Nope. Haven't heard of it, but it sounds pretty cool. I just like that you're actually responding to the post, challenge the idea, or simply give credit to the author. That's very important for a community like this.

Yea I definitely feel this.
I try to make every single comment I make relevant to the post and I try to come up with replies/responses based on the subject matter in the post. I feel that doing that contributes the most value to a post as far as the comment section goes.

I've actually even read posts where the comments section was more valuable than the post! LOL. ;)

I see no issue with this tbh, I was considering doing it myself. I see a lot of people who just deserve overall added value, but who do not post very much/etc and I like to find ways to give them some value as well. I try to distribute my votes to as many people as I can, but when your voting power doesn't give the amounts you'd like to, you gotta try to figure out how to manage it better. One day tho, I'll be adding lots of value to posts!


I could also have mentioned you in this post, but forgot it, damn! But true. We also have to spread our votes to as many as possible, I also try to do that, because one thing that can kill a community is if a small group of people dominate the whole shit.


Oh, no worries mate! I've had a lot of heavy stuff going on lately on here lol. It's all started to cool down a bit. I guess the best route to take here for now with everything is to just live and let live and keep any thoughts I have to myself or in private.

A lot of things opened my eyes in all of this. It was an experience. Now I think I'll just focus on content and ideas for that.

I agree, I'm going to work on spreading the wealth a lot more in the coming month. The rest of this one is just insanely busy for me, so I'll be pre-occupied for a good bit of the day most days. Sadly. :(

Hope you're doing well!


Take care of yourself, and hope to see you around. But most important. Take care of yourself:)

Well done.
I like the way how you support smoke community.
I think the best reader you are.
Wish you a nice day.