A Message To @stoner

2 years ago

First of all. You're awesome. Second, I think Smoke works way better than our big brother, steemit. It's extremely user friendly, and everything that was kind of annoying on steemit, you managed to fix it. I also really appreciate that you're active on Smoke, with commenting, voting etc, that just makes us all feel that we are all even. The only wish I have is that you will make a post each month or something like that where you tell the community what we are working on at the moment, like "adding smoke to exchanges", or whatever it might be. That would be really cool. I don't care about when the things we are working on are set to be done, so don't worry about mentioning deadlines in your posts. Just a quick sum-up of what we are working on. I, and maybe others, would really appreciate that. I am writing we, as I think we are all part of this. :)

Btw! Please let us know if we can help with anything!

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Thanks for the kind words. Let's see what happens after I surpass the Dunbar number tho. hehe.

I like that. Challange Accepted.

... Expect a post sometime this week.


@heaterville does a lot of great work reviewing the dispensaries in Las Vegas. I'm curious if he would be interested in helping with some of the outreach here. If we work together we could probably do a lot of good for the site. Customers coming out with a smoke.io business card explaining why they want to be here and then gauging how many sign up would be my first thought, but I'm 100% open to suggestions. Idk what's hip with the kids these days. I used to know what was hip. And it'll happen to you!


Awesome! Looking forward to it! The Dunbar theory is only a theory. Your Dunbar number is infinite ;)


We are honored to have such a humble, down to earth founder who is always sending good vibes :)

I agree totally and I'm joining in giving thanks :D It is really motivating to see @stoner around, not just because of his upvote but it really feels like he's fighting with us to bring this blockchain up.

It's like in history when they went to war, it was always better to have a king on the battlefield. not in the office :D

SMOKE ON people!!!


What is this "Office" you speak of mister? :')

So awesome that the founder is accessible, much respect. and great suggestion @arsenal49, progress reports/patch notes etc. show hopefully consistent progression, and would give confidence to outsiders looking in..


Thank you :)

I agree with you! Smoke much better than Steemit and I like it so.

I invite my friends directly related to marijuana to join us.
I plan to curate Russian-language content and facilitate legalization in my country!


Russia is a huge market for everything, so would be cool!