My weed - my rules (#MyExperiment part 1)

2 years ago


Hey smoker, yesterday @alexander come and bring me ak47, while drinking beer we decide to smoke it and... that was my first time with ak47 and it shut me down :) really we was so high it's impossible to describe (LOL), after @alexander gave me buds and sayd: I'm not smoking any more :) (of course he lies)


So I decide to make with this buds alcohol tincture. I took 5 or 6 buds and place them in 50ml 95% ethyl after I'll fill 500ml vodka and insist it one week, so come and see what happens

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Kindness was a paradise.


sakaifoaa, damilaiqe komi orivem tore chamdzires mag prochebma ddd


Ki to dzaan magaria waikitxee?


amatma magra gagatynes,awi agar dagilaiqeben jobia axali angarishi gaxsna

Sounds like you both had fun, tinctures can be great.


Yeah, it was fun before it almost cracked us :)