Cannabis Useful? Let's discuss!!!

8 months ago

hello: everyone is so well aware of the food for fish and birds made from hemp seed soap shampoos and various shower gels. And cannabis makes drugs. Well yes. First of all, to destroy such an interesting sign. Worth thinking. And why paint with cannabis. But in 1898, Bayer launched diacetylmorphine as a substitute for dangerous morphine, a serious addiction, but serious heroism is known.

However, the more well-known name for diacetyl marfino is another heroin from the heroine of 1898-1910, which was sold as a cough medicine for children.It’s hard to imagine that 1,000,000 sexual intercourses occur every day in the world, and only 910,000 complete fertilization, if we can listen to our ears to the whole world, then they will probably just go crazy. that besides the sound of sexual intercourse, we would be surrounded by millions of other sounds, many of which would not be very pleasant to our ears, if acne overflowed you.If you feel uncomfortable, find out that this is already some kind of advertisement, I will not be ecklamirovat But for those who still do not know this useful advice, pimply friends should take one pill of aspirin one pill of suprastin several tablets of any antibiotic all this, we add only one drop of water to prevent all this and impose you Thank you. Thank.

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I have to disagree that cannabis is just a drug. It can be but in reality it is a vegetable. Seriously google it.


YES i understend