Let’s bring SMOKE forward! 👊🏼 💫 MEETUP TIME SOON...✨

7 months ago


First SMOKE MeetUp?

So my lovely fellas. Today I was really checking out a lot for the first SMOKE MeetUp!

First of all the location.
I had many options so it was hard to choose out a awesome spot but now I have! Be surprised...with skateboarding area, Yoga Terrasse and boulder wall! Near the ocean in a nice village!


the date!?

After this I was brainstorming with myself about the time of the MeetUp!

Should it be only for a day, a few hours...no no no!!!! Because of this great spot I found we need more time!

Also time to have fun and enjoying life!

So my idea is to have a SMOKE WEEKEND!

What you thinking?
My thought was that we come together at a Friday evening and leaving on a Sunday evening.

So we can use the time wisely with chats about smoke, crypto currency, how to grow (whatever...😉) and also having some fun with maybe Yoga classes which I will teach, surfing, skating and boulder!


when you fellas have time?

And now we have to find together dear community!

At what time you would like to come to north africa?

The earliest time would be possible maybe around beginning of november I thought. Maybe the first weekend of november.



wanna help and support?

If you wanna help, support or join in my idea there are many ways to do this.

The easiest ones are to resmoke my post or leave a comment or showing me that you like this idea for example with an upvote.

More helpfully it would be to have YOU as a crypto speaker or entrepreneur or stuff like that! Maybe you are singing or an author...I don’t know! Contact me and let’s see if it works.
You will find me on discord with the same username @akashas

lets show that we are one community!




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Great idea. I will spread the word😤


Hope you could come


Wish I could

What a great idea! :)


Hope to see you there :-)