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2 years ago

We @grow-op are planning on getting more traffic into the Smoke subreddit we created and have some great ideas cooking. I am also a moderator of the r/steemit subreddit which currently has about 7500 subscribers.

We believe the subreddit will be a great gateway for newcomers from google and reddit to stumble upon, read quickly about it, ask questions if any occur while they get their smoke account created and can use the platform.

To get it kickstarted for now, I am offering smoke upvotes to anyone who logs on to reddit and subscribes to it. Just write down the number of subscribers in a comment here after you've subscribed. :)

Vote for our witness if you like what we do on the Smoke blockchain
Currently #6.

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3 subscribers

Hi @Acid! It says 3 subscribers with 10 online.

Im #19 !

.Excellent.... Subscribed .... Now we are 6 Subscribers. I commented on the last post there and Resmoked here.

16 subscribers! Let’s keep going!

15 subs, 7 online 🤘

14th subscriber way to go!

yay! have 11 subscribers now. 👌
i voted grow-op as well ❤️

7 subscribers 🐒



Awesome I will help with the voting!

Voted grow-op as a witness.

If we can get 1,000 subs in 1-2 months would be amazing!

Subscribed and bookmarked :) 10 subs totally now!

8 subscribed now

Cracking job acid :D
18 users now.
Cheers and good luck!

Im in #27 paps.

29 subscribers 💪

I'm #26 - nice work @acid!

Shared post on my Twitter Feed.... Http://

And also the new Facebook Group in case people still use Facebook...

Hey @acid. A great initiative, I did not know you run a witness before so I voted a minute a go. Good luck! Smoke on!

YO man! Great to see that we're spreading around everywhere.

WhackSpacely on board. high and ready! :D

Cool initiative! Before I subscribed 24 subscribers, and after my subscription it went to 25 subscribers to the channel :) Hopefully, soon it'll be many more!

I am number 34 and 1st day here, excited to join this community!

great ! im the 17 Subscribers ,6 online

Oh! You are also here too :) Nice to see around!

EDIT: It became a new one -

great stuff i'm going to join 'somehowmesseduplife' is reddit profile (don't ask me how old acc crazy name - needs change to be if possible - or do i have to start a new one?) haven't used reddit much but i understand it is a nice to have to bring more users and traffic over.


I support your actions @acid and also voted @grow-op for witness.


Thank you!

Subscribed - there are now 33 subscribers. :)

35 subscribers

Hey @acid.... if you are over on Steemit sometime can you drop by this page and give a small upVote... trying to encourage them to come to and make some glass bongs....


Thank you so much @acid ... you are Awesome. I have convinced them to join where they will blog about CBD and make Purple Kush flowers in glass. And hopefully some bongs.

A great idea to help the community!

THank you!

I've subcribed now we have #31 subscribers

@ buenos días yo también quiero estar suscrito

32 Suscriptores!