Some People Need Help With Voting

2 years ago

Screenshot (274).png
This person is wasting his voting power voting for people & then removing all the votes. You do not get those votes back. Now if they revote for those same post it will use more voting power. Should have just left the votes on it & not removed them.

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I don't know what to say but better give their vote to us to help the community.


Most of the community isn't here yet, it's wise to be patient.


Yes, we will... (^_^)

They're free to change their mind.

See the big picture. Less smoke are created, the price is higher


I don't see any picture he is taking his votes that he told people he would give them away.


lol @ this guy, he's already on the radar as an issue.
I believe I saw you explain what happened with the cryptal votes, not that you even need to explain, so maybe this guy is still ruffled about that.
Amazing after you even voted him still.