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8 months ago

Hi Friends,

As I mentioned in discord channel, I was too busy today setting up Raspberry Pi and also I was quite sad for losing my kitten since last two days.

Tough time never last, just never lose hope

But as people say tough time never lasts. I put my focus onto working on so that I don't see my kitten's picture and get sad. The kitten was lost on the night of Thanksgiving. Today evenin my wife @bgw went for another search and luckily she was able to find out our kitten and she came back home safe.

Making my witness node run without needing to worry about missing blocks

Also I was able to set up Raspberry Pi and the pWP designed by @bbq-iguana and @ceruleanblue . Now I don't have to worry about failure of witness node as my Raspberry Pi will keep an eye on my Witness node and as soon as it misses a block it will send me an email saying I missed a block and also it will make sure to switch from the failed node to back up witness node, so that the witness node keep producing blocks and the blockchain runs smooth.



So far I have missed 153 blocks, mainly because I was doing all the testing. But now I can relax as the Pi will tell me if I miss a block. So my witness node will run without any issue.


If at all I miss a block I will get an email notification like below:

Also, it will automatically switch to the backup server so that I don't miss more blocks, and the witness node continues to run in back up server.

I want to thank @bbq-iguana and @ceruleanblue for coming up with this logic. made this possible with it's wonderful community with friendly people.

Learning something new every day

After coming to , we both(me and my wife) have started learning something every day.
Be it about different types of strains that we never had, be it about easy and effective ways to grow weed, be it about learning some technology.

We were able to install Raspberry Pi with just few online research and install it and get it up running to run pWP and monitor our node:


Best of all, we invited one hardworking cannabis lady to join and she joined!!

I joined Twitter recently just for the sake of promoting Honestly I don't like twitter as it's filled with ponzi schemes, fake profiles etc. But I joined Twitter finally to promote and bring in value to our community. I have less than 10 followers there. But even if one person who is very hardworking and supports the vision of , then I did my bit.

So today I was just browsing twitter and reading tweets, I came across a lady who is very knowledgeable and has 5000+ followers on twitter. And I went through her posts. As per me, she will definitely add immense value to our community with her knowledge and support.

So I did invite her:

And to my surprise she was interested and responded:

Not only that she even followed and signed up , and she is just waiting to get approved!!



Now what more can I ask from today, these all events made my day and hence thank you to


We are a witness on @betgames) if you think we can spread joy here and support community, please consider voting for “betgames” as witness .

if you decide to support, visit and vote for @betgames

Upsmoke --- Resmoke --- Follow -- Support witness for @betgames

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Good job bro repping Smoke and adding a new user.
And good luck with your witness career.


Thank you brother! I will keep putting effort to do my bit towards growing this community and having positive vibes 😃 Smoke is all set to rock on!